Apple beefs up Self Service Repair with new diagnostic, extended to iPhone 15 & M2 Mac

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In what may be the largest expansion of Apple's Self Service Repair program yet, the company has expanded device support to the iPhone 15 and M2 Apple Silicon, and is launching a new tool to help users diagnose and repair their devices.

An Apple repair toolkit
An Apple repair toolkit

Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair is a new troubleshooting tool, available today in the U.S. The company says that Apple Diagnostics troubleshooting sessions will give customers the same ability as authorized service centers to test devices for optimal part functionality and performance, as well as identify which parts may need repair.

Apple says that it is "Intended for users with the knowledge and expertise to repair Apple devices." This is not dissimilar to what's already available, as none of the repairs are intended for beginners or for educational purposes.

Self Service Repair is now extended to the iPhone 15 lineup and Mac models powered by the M2 lineup, including the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro, the 15-inch MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Pro, and Mac Studio. A quick check shows that previous models supported by the program remain so, back to the iPhone 13.

The program's procedures remain essentially the same. Following a user's self-diagnosis, the customer places an order for the parts and tools using a special online store.

Consumers will have to return "core" parts the same as repair shops do now, to receive a credit towards the initial part purchase price.

The complexity of repair work, and the high cost of the parts, means that Apple's Self Service Repair program remains not practical for individuals who just scratched their display. As expensive as going to an authorized Apple repairer can be, that will remain the most economic route in terms of cost, time, and the risk of damaging devices further.

Additionally, with Wednesday's announcement, Self Service Repair is also now available for Apple users in 24 additional European countries, including Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland. In total, the program supports 35 products, in 33 countries, with materials available in 24 language.

After an announcement in November 2021, The Self Service Repair program started in April 2022 with just iPhone.

It extended to iPhone 14 and some Macs in June 2023.

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