NordVPN releases app for Apple TVs running tvOS 17

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NordVPN has announced that customers can now enjoy the popular virtual private network on a new device -- the Apple TV.

Image Credit: NordVPN
Image Credit: NordVPN

Previously, NordVPN customers could only utilize the VPN on their Apple TV by installing it on their Wi-Fi router. However, as of Monday, NordVPN is now available and works natively supported on tvOS 17.

NordVPN offers several reasons users would want to use a VPN on a tvOS device. When traveling abroad, customers can set their VPN to their home country, which allows them to access legitimate subscriptions while away from home.

It also notes that some ISPs throttle connection speeds based on activity. By using a VPN, customers can conceal their activity from their ISP, preventing unwanted throttling and, therefore, cutting down on unnecessary buffering.

When someone uses a VPN, it can help protect their devices. A VPN conceals a person's IP address and directs internet traffic through a VPN server, shielding their online activity from potential risks. Moreover, it ensures that a person's online behavior, habits, and IP address remain confidential and hidden from anyone who may try to pry.

To download NordVPN for your Apple TV, you can head to the tvOS App Store. NordVPN is a subscription-based service, and users will need to purchase a subscription. Subscriptions start at $2.99 per month if purchased as part of a two-year package, but other pricing models are available.

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    LOL why tho?
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    this story reads like a promo;
    a shameful promo
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    LOL why tho?

    The reasons I've seen given most often for using a VPN are to bypass region specific restrictions on programming and sporting events, and to cut down on ads.

    Others that come up are to mask your activity that might result in bandwidth throttling, as the article suggests, or to hide one's own location from the websites one visits.
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    OferOfer Posts: 246unconfirmed, member
    LOL why tho?
     In addition to the reasons Beowulf mentioned, privacy is another huge one. If you use a VPN companies can’t track your online activity 
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    Well, for one, if you live abroad (like me) you can access all content on the ATV. Many apps, Direct TV, ESPN, other don’t allow SharePlay to ATV, so this is a welcome addition.
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