Apple Card, Apple Pay, and Wallet were hit by outages on Wednesday

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For a few hours on Wednesday Apple's online financial services such as Apple Pay were down for some users, with reported issues including transaction notifications and in-App payments.

Apple Pay is seeing some notification problems
Apple Pay is seeing some notification problems

Apple Pay has had intermittent problems before, but this new outage appears to be affecting all of its financial services. It's not clear how widespread the issue was, but while it was listed as an outage for some hours, Apple's updated listing now says everything was restored within around 35 minutes.

AppleInsider was not able to reproduce the problems. However, starting from around 06:15 AM ET, Apple Card, Apple Cash, Apple Pay & Wallet, were all listed on Apple's system status page as having an outage.

For Apple Cash, Apple said that "Some users are experiencing issues with transaction notifications." For Apple Pay & Wallet, the only detail was that "Some users may experience issues with Web and In-App payments."

With Apple Card, the company said solely that "Users are experiencing a problem with this service."

Update: 11:05 AM ET: Service has been restored

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    Still having problems with my existing Apple Card not being recognized or reinstalling it on iPhone 15 Pro. I spent over an hour with two Apple techs trying to reinstall the Apple Card. Techs said they are receiving numerous calls about this on the iPhone 15 models. This seemed to happen after iOS update 17.2.1. The techs said Apple is aware of this issue and hopefully a software update will happen soon. 
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