Apple tells developers how to submit apps to Apple Vision Pro App Store

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Apple has created a dedicated support page explaining to developers how they should prepare and submit apps to the Apple Vision Pro App Store.

A view from the Apple Vision Pro
A view from the Apple Vision Pro

On Monday, Apple confirmed the Apple Vision Pro will be in customer hands starting from February 2. In preparation for that release, the company is now telling developers how they can submit apps for inclusion in the mixed reality headset's version of the App Store.

The page, titled "Submit your apps to the App Store for the Apple Vision Pro," is a straightforward guide of what developers should do to get their apps available to download and use on the headset.

Since introducing the headset at WWDC 2023, Apple has insisted that apps made for iPhone and iPad can run on the Apple Vision Pro with minimal changes required. The first section under Prepare Your App, Compatible iPad and iPhone apps, reiterates this, adding compatible apps will be automatically published to the App Store for Apple Vision Pro.

It also describes the use of Xcode 15.2 to create new apps made specifically for visionOS, and testing apps, complete with links to compatibility checklists.

There's also a mention about universal purchases, so that app purchases and subscriptions can work across multiple platforms, not just the Apple Vision Pro.

The second major section, Create Your Product Page, details what developers should include in the App Store listings, including how best to take screenshots and app previews. It warns developers to convey the surroundings of the user accurately, to have a clear environment, and if necessary, to use a system Environment by using Apple Design Templates and the Simulator.

For the App Icon, developers must make a circular 3D object with a background layer and one or two additional layers. Compatible iOS and iPadOS apps will display as square icons with rounded corners.

There are also tips on how to describe the app, app motion information,. Privacy labels, and game controller details.

Lastly, the guide mentions submitting the app via App Store Connect for review and approval before it is published in the store.

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    Everyone is commenting that Apple allow you to submit apps to the new store, simply not true. We can only submit to TestFlight. We have tried 3 times to submit to the store and its rejected because "It's a visionOS app"

    What makes it worse is that they keep sending us emails to submit our VisionOS app to the store and then they keep rejecting. It's ridiculous and very frustrating.
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    We were wrong, it was a very confusing submit, but we are on the App Store now
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    SoftEXIT said:
    We were wrong, it was a very confusing submit, but we are on the App Store now
    Did you submit your visionOS build to the App Store using Xcode 15.2, or did you use a beta version of Xcode?
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