Apple and a very few third parties unveil first Vision Pro accessories

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Alongside the release of Apple Vision Pro, Apple and third-party manufacturers have revealed a small number of accessories.

Apple's Vision Pro travel case
Apple's Vision Pro travel case

Apple Vision Pro pre-orders have begun -- although shipping dates are already slipping back -- and Apple has revealed the costs for the headset's different storage options. But alongside the headset, the Apple Store has unveiled a few Vision Pro accessories, and third-party manufacturers have begun announcing their own products.

Apple's own accessories

Apple is selling spare Apple Vision Pro batteries for $199, which it currently says will ship by February 1, 2024. An Apple Vision Pro Travel Case, which also costs $199, will begin arriving on February 2.

There are Zeiss Optical Inserts for Vision Pro that start at $99, and Apple notes that if these are bought as extra inserts after purchase of the headset itself, users may need to buy a new Light Seal. Apple is selling Vision Pro Light Seals for $199.

There's also a Light Seal Cushion, for $29, plus a $99 Solo Knit Band, and a $99 Dual Loop Band.

Apple is also promoting existing accessories as being for Vision Pro. So a 30W USB-C power adaptor costs $39 from the Apple Store, while a 240W USB-C Charge Cable is $29.

Belkin holder for Apple Vision Pro battery
Belkin holder for Apple Vision Pro battery

There are more existing Apple devices that are being promoted as Vision Pro accessories, ranging from AirTags that are on sale from $27.99 at Amazon, to a Sony PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller for $69.95.

Apple is also promoting its Magic Keyboard ($99 at Amazon), Magic Trackpad (on sale from $109 at Amazon), and AirPods Pro (discounted to $189.99). But alongside all of its own products, Apple has so far included only two third-party options -- the PlayStation, and the Belkin Battery Holder for Apple Vision Pro, which costs $49.99.

Third-party accessories

This list is only going to grow, especially if Vision Pro is a success, but at launch there are already many third-party options.

Alongside the Belkin battery holder that is already shipping, Spigen has announced Vision Pro cases that are currently listed as being available in 20 days time.

Apple Vision Pro case from Spigen
Apple Vision Pro case from Spigen

Spigen's case is called a Klasden Pouch, which sells for $89.99, and features a hard exterior plus padded interior cushions -- "and a secret AirTag compartment."

Speck also says that it has "already conceptualized protection options, carrying cases, and holders for Apple's Vision Pro," though there no further details yet.

Bandwerk will offer luxury leather head straps for Vision Pro
Bandwerk will offer luxury leather head straps for Vision Pro

Similarly, Bandwerk will have a range of luxury leather headbands for Vision Pro, which it says will be available soon, and cost $159.

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    When you include the price of the VisionPro, upgrade memory, lenses, sales tax and accessories it makes the cost of my CPAP machine and supplies seem like chump change. 

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