Spotify will introduce in-app purchases on iPhone when EU law takes effect

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Apple Music rival Spotify says it will give iPhone users in Europe the ability to buy subscriptions within its app, as soon as the Digital Markets Act forces Apple to allow it in the App Store.

Spotify's Daniel Ek
Spotify's Daniel Ek

While Apple continues to appeal against the EU's Digital Markets Act, Spotify has announced that it will bring in-app purchases to the iPhone at the first opportunity. From March 7, 2024, it plans to offer users of its iOS app the ability to subscribe, without using Apple's in-app payment system.

"What's one of the top complaints about Spotify?" writes the company in a blog post. "It's actually something that until now has been outside of our control: the ability to seamlessly subscribe to and buy things through Spotify on your iPhone."

It's disingenuous to claim that buying through the iOS app was "outside of our control." Spotify chose not to offer subscriptions through the app because they would be subject to Apple's 30% fee.

"Consumers have asked us for years about the dead ends, lack of information, and endless hoops to jump through just to purchase a subscription or audiobook," continues Spotify, describing its awkward interface while claiming to be blameless.

"But beginning March 7, if you live in the European Union, that will change," says Spotify. "With the Digital Markets Act (DMA) rolling out, your Spotify is about to become a whole lot better, and that means more opportunities for developers and creators everywhere."

Perhaps acknowledging that Apple continues to appeal, Spotify breaks down its changes into ones happening from March 7, 2024, and ones happening "soon." From that March date, Spotify says it will be able to:

  • Give users information about prices

  • List new products on sale

  • Create "superfan clubs"

  • List events

  • Announce forthcoming audiobooks

"Soon we expect that if you want to buy a Premium subscription or an audiobook, or are looking to seamlessly upgrade from Individual to a Duo or Family plan to save money, you will be able to do so with just a couple of easy clicks," continues Spotify.

Describing Apple's App Store rules as "ridiculous," Spotify says it's "looking forward to a future of superfan clubs, alternative app stores, and giving creators the ability to safely download Spotify for Artists or Spotify for Podcasters directly from our site."

Separately, European firms are complaining that Apple and other Big Tech firms are already neglecting their obligations under the Digital Markets Act.

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    macxpressmacxpress Posts: 5,849member
    Does Spotify think this is gonna save their company? They still have a failing business model thats only held together by investors. When they keep losing money what else are they gonna blame on Apple? 
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