If you're in the EU, you can ask Apple about App Store changes

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As Apple prepares to alter its App Store regulations to comply with the European Union's new Digital Markets Act, the company is now offering consultations to help developers better understand their options.

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Apple announced in January that it would allow EU developers to sell their apps through other app stores. Although this was seen as a victory by some, it's not immediately obvious which developers should continue using the official App Store or branch out on their own.

To assist developers in making decisions, Apple recommends requesting a 30-minute online consultation session with their team. This will provide an opportunity to gain clarity, ask questions, and give feedback on proposed changes. Requests can be made through Apple's developer page.

Apple provides an opportunity for EU developers interested in exploring alternative app marketplaces on iOS. These developers can attend an in-person lab in Cork, Ireland, which offers hands-on experience. The lab aims to help developers understand and navigate the intricacies of operating alternative app marketplaces.

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    Don't think it's going to sway any of the big guys.

    Apple once made a presentation for Netflix on why they should not remove in-app purchases from the app, didn't do nothing. The overall benefits were very low for Netflix and the math was ultimately to the benefit of Apple.
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