Please don't use the Apple Vision Pro while driving [u]



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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,492member
    To those who feel compelled to operate machinery while wearing an Apple Vision Pro ...

    "Here's your sign!"  // Bill Engvall
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    hexclockhexclock Posts: 1,273member
    caskey said:
    The creator of this video has made a statement that it was a staged skit, he was not arrested and only spent about 30 seconds of driving with the headset on. Please update the article to reflect the creators statement. 

    So he is a liar, as well as a dork. 
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,382member
    netrox said:
    When he claimed he was arrested, I knew it was fake. 
    People don't get arrested for moving violations unless they're intoxicated or obviously a danger due to mental distress. I don't know of arrests made for texting or wearing a VR headset. 

    You’re about to find out exactly how wrong you are. You can be stopped by police if they see ANYTHING that makes it appear that you are driving in an incapacitated manner. You may or may not be arrested depending on how stupid you’re being.

    But please, strap on your Vision Pro and drive by some police and see what happens yourself. Be sure to report back!
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    The Cybertruck does not yet have Full Self-Driving Beta.
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