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Apple's controversial plans for complying with the EU's Digital Markets Act are being implemented, and now developers can submit alternative app stores and external apps via App Store Connect.

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The EU DMA forces Apple to allow alternative app stores

Apple's compliance with the EU DMA must go into effect by March 2024, so the company is already making moves to let developers begin testing their apps and marketplaces. Documentation found on Apple's developer website says developers can use App Store Connect and its API to set everything up.

Developers who have agreed to Apple's new rules in the EU can build app marketplaces that compete with the App Store. These stores will offer apps that want to exist outside of Apple's App Store or otherwise couldn't exist based on Apple's rules.

App Store Connect and its API have been updated to allow developers to set up marketplace distribution and marketplace apps. These apps and marketplaces can be tested using Apple's TestFlight app.

Apps submitted for testing can use the new alternative browser engines, alternative payment service providers, and external linking.

Apple is also offering online consultations and labs to developers that need help getting started or understanding the changes. There are over 600 new APIs available for developers despite Apple's obvious distaste for the DMA.

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    I don't think apple is being controversial. They are just doing business. Just because they were forced to allow others to offer stores on their platform doesn't mean that they should be frozen out of profitss. It's their platform. That's basic business. 

    Just because their is controversy when troublemakers try to stir it up, doesn't mean a certain move itself is controversial. 
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