Apple Cash virtual cards appear in iOS 17.4 developer beta

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Apple is making it easier to keep spending Apple Cash online, with the iOS 17.4 beta allowing users to create a virtual card number.

Apple Cash Virtual Card [via Reddit u/simpledsp]
Apple Cash Virtual Card [via Reddit u/simpledsp]

Apple Cash, the prepaid debit card included as part of an Apple Card account, can usually be spent via Apple Pay just like other credit and debit cards. For online stores where Apple Card isn't accepted, Apple is introducing a solution to the problem.

In Reddit posts spotted by 9to5Mac, the iOS 17.4 beta offers Apple Card customers a pop-up to "Set Up Virtual Card Number." The pop-up says it will "Keep your card information safe with a new security code for every transaction."

Users are also told that the card number will also be accessible within Safari AutoFill, and to "use it to shop online where Apple Pay is not available."

Once created, the prepaid Apple Cash card appears in Wallet just like the Apple Card, along with CVV2 and new number request options.

So far, it appears that the virtual card is available for Apple Card users who are also taking part in the beta. There is a chance it could become more publicly accessible once iOS 17.4 is officially released, but it could also be held back for a more formal feature launch down the road.

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    Not an Apple credit Card user and it shows up for me.
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    XedXed Posts: 2,460member
    I'm not I get the use case for this Visa, or maybe I'm simply not the target audience. If Apple Pay isn't available, which I like for its daily 2%, except in cases where another card is clearly better like Amex for travel, Chase Amazon for Amazon, Citi Costco for Costco, etc., I will use a different card that awards me points. I don't see that kind of benefit with this card.

    Additionally, I've only ever had to do one chargeback on my GS Apple Card and it was a hassle. Is this card also supported by GS?
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    This article bounces around from the Apple Card (Mastercard from Goldman Sachs) to the Apple Cash Card (virtual, but on the Visa network.)

    Which is getting virtual numbers? The Apple Card Master Card has had the ability to generate a virtual number for a while now.

    I do not use it because some merchants don’t handle rotating card numbers very well, especially when doing returns.
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    Well if you keep an Apple Cash balance I see it kind of working like a check card. I would use this card if I want to spend money I already have. 

    Apple Cash Card - checking account
    Apple Savings - savings account
    Apple Card - Credit card (with savings rewards)

    It would be sweet if I could get account and routing numbers for my Apple Cash card. And even a physical card, then they’d basically be a bank! 

    This would also be nice for our teenage kids who we give allowance through Apple Cash. 
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