Apple takes top seven spots in global smartphone sales for the first time

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Apple's iPhone once again dominates the 10 report of best-selling smartphones worldwide, but this time the 2023 figures show it taking all of the top 7 positions.

iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 15 Pro Max

Previously for 2022, Apple actually dominated more with eight models of the iPhone in the top chart. But for that year, Samsung's Galaxy A13 came in at number four, so 2023 is the first time Apple has had an unbroken run at the top of the chart.

According to Counterpoint Research, which has now released its latest annual chart, the combined market share of Apple and Samsung for 2023 was the highest ever. The market share of these two firms reached 20% for 2023, up from 19% in 2022.

For 2023, the iPhone 14 was the best-selling smartphone across the year, representing 19% of all iPhone sales. That's down markedly from the iPhone 13's 28% share in 2022.

The iPhone 15 series came in at numbers 5, 6, and 7, for the whole of 2023. But Counterpoint says that the iPhone 15 models took the three top spots during Q4 2023, with the iPhone 15 Pro being the top seller.

Top Ten Smartphone Sales Worldwide 2023 (Source: Counterpoint)
Top Ten Smartphone Sales Worldwide 2023 (Source: Counterpoint)

Apple's iPhone 13 retained its fourth position from 2022, because of what Counterpoint describes as double-digit year over year growth specifically in Japan and India. Reportedly, promotions by Japanese carriers drove up sales of the older model over the latest one.

Overall, Counterpoint says that Apple's total sales were flat in 2023, and that this was despite its major competitors declining. Growing sales in India reportedly contributed to the iPhone 15 range matching the performance of the iPhone 14 models in 2022.

Counterpoint expects that 2024's chart will feature Chinese brands, and says it's likely that only 5G smartphones will be in the top ten.

Separately, IDC has reported that smartphone sales in China declined 5% between 2022 and 2023, but that the iPhone declined the least at 2.2%. This made the iPhone China's best-selling smartphone.

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    danoxdanox Posts: 2,840member
    Hmm.. That doesn't lineup with Bloomberg, The Verge, Seeking Alpha or Wall Street Journal......
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,291member
    danox said:
    Hmm.. That doesn't lineup with Bloomberg, The Verge, Seeking Alpha or Wall Street Journal......
    Firm X’s guess doesn’t quite line up with Firms A-W’s guesses? Fancy that. Still waiting on Firm Y and Firm Z to send in their guesses …
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    These make zero sense as Apple has considerably fewer models than other manufacturers. It would be much more meaningful to compare iOS vs Android and then drill down by screen size.
    This is how back then Sculley justified the 50% margins Apple was making, claiming Apple was in a solid position as the #1 or #2 PC vendor, ranking it against Dell, IBM, Compaq, Toshiba, etc… when in reality what mattered for its survival was macOS vs. Windows.
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    But don't forget: iPhones are too expensive and don't have [Add bullshite bells and whistles here] so nobody is buying them anymore. Apple is doomed!!!
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