Experience MLS on Apple Vision Pro, including a 3D special

in Apple Vision Pro

As the MLS season starts, Apple has announced that Season Pass users can watch on Apple Vision Pro -- and will soon also get a 3D immersive film of the highlights of 2023's championship games.

Mockup of MLS Season Pass on Apple Vision Pro
Mockup of MLS Season Pass on Apple Vision Pro

Following its release of the MLS Season Pass for 2024, Apple has revealed how users can follow the games now, and how they will get more "coming soon."

"Fans can also access MLS Season Pass from the Apple TV app on Apple Vision Pro," says Apple in a statement, "where they can watch games alongside other apps in their physical space."

MLS Season Pass allows fans to watch all the games, free of any local blackouts. As well as watching through the Apple TV app, users will be able to watch "within an Environment, so the screen feels 100 feet wide; and in Spatial Audio for an even more immersive viewing experience."

This applies to all games in the season, but while it will not be ready for the start, Apple is promising an even more immersive experience for Apple Vision Pro owners looking back at the 2023 games.

"Coming soon, all Apple Vision Pro users can experience the best of the 2023 MLS Cup Playoffs," it says, "with the first-ever sports film captured in Apple Immersive Video."

"Viewers will feel every heart-pounding moment in 8K 3D," it continues, "with a 180-degree field of view and Spatial Audio that transports them to each match."

This is the second of Apple's ten-year exclusive deal with MLS, and reportedly the first season added almost a million subscribers to Apple TV+.

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    badmonkbadmonk Posts: 1,290member
    This is big and if Apple can roll out the same with their Apple TV non-sports content, it ensures a future for Apple VP. It may not define the speed that future is realized but I think it means there will be a place for the device for media consumption.  I suspect it will end up being like how “health” became “the thing” for the Apple Watch.
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