Tom Hiddleston narrates Apple TV+'s latest nature series debuting soon

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The highly anticipated nature documentary 'Earthsounds,' featuring narration by Tom Hiddleston, is set to premiere very soon on Apple TV+.

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Apple TV+ has a new nature documentary

is a twelve-part series that Apple ordered in 2020. It's a project from Offspring Films, which also produced Earth at Night in Color. Tom Hiddleston returns to narrate the new nature docuseries.

The series premieres globally on Friday, February 23, on Apple TV+. It was filmed over 1,000 days to introduce a new aspect of planet Earth that few have heard beyond their neighborhoods -- the sounds of nature.

'I loved narrating 'Earthsounds,'" narrator Hiddleston shared. "Offspring Films and Apple TV+ have created something unique. "To see, and hear, the natural world in such extraordinary, intimate detail is utterly thrilling. It inspires wonder and awe."

Apple's latest nature series invites viewers into various environments, including the Queensland rainforest in Australia, the Antarctic ice shelf, the dunes in Namibia, and tropical coral reefs.

Some of the uncommon sounds the team filmed include snow leopards' mating calls, the soft conversations of ostrich chicks within their eggs, musical spiders, and the love calls of walruses beneath the sea. To balance the microcosm, the series explores the sounds of planet Earth itself with "the hum of deserts, drinking trees and the mysterious buzz of the northern lights."

Earthsounds was brought to life by the creators at Offspring Films, with Alex Williamson and Isla Robertson as executive producers. Sam Hodgson takes on the role of series producer, with Tom Payne directing.

The project marks the second partnership between Offspring Films and Apple TV+, succeeding their BAFTA-nominated series Earth At Night In Color, which Hiddleston also narrated.

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    I’ve enjoyed all of the nature related programs on Apple TV+, this sounds outstanding.
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    The nature and paleontology programs are the absolute most watched on my Apple TV.  When my granddaughter comes to visit, it's almost always "Can we watch dinosaurs?"
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,303member
    “Earth at Night in Color” was really eye-opening and magnificent, can’t wait to see this also.
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