AT&T will pay a miserly $5 per account in outage compensation



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    Well considering how much they charge single line accounts per/line/mo compared to "Family" accounts this somewhat equals out on a per-line basis.  In our case it comes out to $1 per line for a 5 person account.
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    I've been a cricket customer for several years and have had to deal with several outages throughout the years and have never been offered a dime for the disruptions.
    But to have AT&T buy out Cricket , then offer everyone except Cricket a $5 rebate for the outage is more than a little upsetting.
    Did I expect to get anything?  No I didn't..
    Is $5 a lot of money?  😆😆. No .
    But if you give the rebate to one person, then you better give it to everyone that was without service...
    Right's right.  And Wrong's wrong.
    And AT&T.  You are very wrong..
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