Beats Solo 4 surface eight years after the Solo 3 debuted

in iOS edited February 28

Apple subsidiary Beats is working on a new addition to its Beats Solo range, with the Solo 4 appearing in Tuesday's iOS 17.4 release candidate.

Beats Solo 4 as found in the iOS 17.4 RC
Beats Solo 4 as found in the iOS 17.4 RC

The Solo 3 were Beats' highly-popular over-ear headphones, released in many styles and for quite a few years. Now, it appears that Apple is preparing to introduce a new fourth-generation model.

Surfacing in the release candidate build of iOS 17.4 on Tuesday, several references to Solo 4 have been discovered. The references go beyond just naming the headphones, as images of the personal audio devices have also been discovered.

Looking very similar to the Solo 3, the Solo 4 seem to have a number of small design changes that make them look closer to the Beats Studio Pro. Three colors have been found, with black, blue, and pink varieties shown in images.

In terms of onboard features, it will apparently have support for Spatial Audio. A closer inspection of the RC by AppleInsider brought up text strings related to Personalized Spatial Audio, including the instruction "Take Beats Solo 4 Off of Your Ears to Continue."

Other strings explain the controls on the left ear cup button, with a single press to play and pause, accept calls, and to mute. A double press will skip forwards in a track and will also end calls, while a third will skip a track backwards.

The appearance of the images and references are a clear sign that the Beats Solo 4 could be arriving very soon.

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