Apple Vision Pro may eventually get SteamVR functionality

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Apple Vision Pro may gain the ability to play SteamVR games, thanks to developers who have begun porting the open-source ALVR software.

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Apple Vision Pro

ALVR is software that enables streaming VR games to virtual reality headsets. The adaptation of ALVR allows users to enjoy SteamVR games on Apple Vision Pro's Micro-OLED displays.

However, interacting with these games requires a specific type of controller that tracks itself instead of one tracked by a headset.

That means existing Bluetooth controllers, or those from the Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro headsets will not work. The Valve Index controller is compatible with ALVR but also requires a base station called a "lighthouse" for tracking.

The setup to make ALVR work is somewhat complex. It requires a
Mac running Xcode to build the ALVR project to Apple Vision Pro.

And it is not standalone. ALVR requires a high-end gaming PC to run and stream the game through your home network.

One of the developers working on the ALVR Apple Vision Pro port shared that he is working on hand tracking support. Beyond that, ALVR's Vision Pro port development is ongoing and undergoing changes to make it more stable.

Considering the complexity of the required setup, only a handful of people can use ALVR. It is currently unlikely that ALVR will come to the App Store for visionOS.

ALVR is currently available for use via GitHub. Those interested must compile the app themselves using their developer account and Xcode.

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    danoxdanox Posts: 2,978member
    A non starter hack.......
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    Almost no one not already heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem and who already has a headset, is going to shell out $3,500+ for another headset.

    It will be for the people who already have one.

    Seems that it will not work on a Windows machine, which is the vast majority of Steam accounts when last I looked.
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