Apple Car blues, Apple Ask, and Apple Vision Pro Experiences on the AppleInsider Podcast

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How the cancellation of the Apple Car is a surprise, but one that will benefit Apple's AI plans -- and may already have done so.

Apple has cancelled its car project
Apple has cancelled its car project

The cancellation of the Apple Car project -- if that is really what's happened -- is not the startling failure it might seem. Maybe we're looking at this through rose-tinted Apple Vision Pro glass, but there are already signs that the project has led to Apple advances in other areas.

It's expected that the cancellation will lead to improved Apple AI -- both because of lessons learned in the project and because team members are being redeployed to work on Machine Learning. But as host William Gallagher wonders what real benefits there may come, Wes Hilliard has a specific example of how Apple has already used its Apple Car experience.

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