Apple's iPad Air & iPad Pro refresh rumored to arrive on March 26

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Following the release of the M3 MacBook Air lineup earlier in March, the iPad update covering new iPad Pro and iPad Air models is now rumored to arrive on March 26.

iPad Pros
iPad Pros

Rumors about a spring launch initially reported about an event, but Apple's website and press release-based update of the MacBook Air proved that theory partially wrong. While iPads were wrongly rumored to arrive at around the same time, they may still show up before the end of March.

In a post to Weibo on Monday morning, serial leaker "Setsuna Digital" reposted another leaker "Boss Hookup," teasing the possibility of an iPad launch on March 26. The linked post refers to a number of third-party cases for the iPad Air and 2024 iPad Pro models on Amazon as being on shelves from that date.

A Weibo post for the March 26 iPad rumor
A Weibo post for the March 26 iPad rumor

The publication IT House made a similar connection, after it was alerted to Amazon listings for accessories shipping on March 26.

While he didn't mention a specific date, the rumor lines up with the March 10 Bloomberg newsletter from Mark Gurman, who said that the update to iPad was still expected by the end of March or into April.

Gurman added that there could be a potential update to iPadOS 17 to ensure compatibility at around the same time as the launch.

Setsuna Digital does have a considerable online following, and deals with rumors for multiple devices, but doesn't have much of a record when it comes to Apple hardware. That said, March 26 does seem plausible as it is a Tuesday, and Apple has often launched products on that day of the week.

The iPad update is expected to include models of the iPad Pro and iPad Air, a redesigned Magic Keyboard, and a new Apple Pencil. Feature changes are rumored to include OLED on the iPad Pro and a shift of the FaceTime camera to the long side on all models to match the tenth-generation iPad.

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