Two iPad Air sizes are being shipped to the US right now

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Contrary to recent speculation, a new report says that two sizes of iPad Air are now being completed and shipped to the US by suppliers.

Apple's current iPad Air 5
Apple's current iPad Air 5

Long-standing rumors that Apple would release both a regular 10.9-inch sixth-generation iPad Air and a larger 12.9-inch edition recently had doubt cast on them. Now, however, a further report claims that the iPad Air is being shipped in two sizes.

The leak from Instant Digital on Weibo appears to have suffered from some translation issues. "Shell film," for instance, most likely refers to completed chassis, and "only the east wind" is unfathomable.

Social media post by 'Instant digital' mentioning shipping of iPad Air 2024 shell film to overseas customers, awaiting the east wind, with emojis and engagement icons.
Leak from Instant Digital about the iPad Air

Significantly, the leak does not specify what two sizes of iPad Air are being shipped by suppliers. However, this is the first time that the iPad Air will have been offered in two sizes, and the only option for the new size reported so far has consistently been a 12.9-inch model.

Previously, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported in November 2023 about a 12.9-inch iPad Air being developed. In December 2023, other reports surfaced that the display panels for the new iPad Air were shipping to suppliers.

Backing up that claim and the new one from Instant Digital is that this is the timescale and the schedule that Apple would need in order to announce the iPad Air in March.

Note that leaker Instant Digital does not yet have a long history of accurate leaks. Most recently, the leaker claimed that the iPhone 17 would have a more hard-wearing screen, and before that was correct about the yellow iPhone 14, for instance.

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    chat GPT to the rescue.  "only the east wind" apparently means that "everything is prepared and ready, except for one last small thing".  
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    Maybe it’s a reference to the third Holmes sibling, Eurus? (‘Sherlock’ fans will know). 
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    brianusbrianus Posts: 164member
    Love poetic mistranslations.

    Weird to me how many of the articles/rumors on the iPad Air and Pro refreshes seem to elide over, or make assumptions about, the exact screen sizes. I get that there may be some lack of clarity in the rumor mill but like, at least say so in the reporting on it. 

    For my money if the Pro is getting smaller bezels as rumored, and the larger Air is getting the previous Pro 12.9" chassis and screen size, wouldn't it stand to reason that the new smaller Air will be 11", instead of 10.9"? Why keep the deliberately chunky bezels if the Pro is getting de-chunked? That way you can have the 10.9" base iPad, 11"/12.9" Air and (let's say) 11.1"/13" Pro.
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    I reckon “east wind” is sailing (or flying) reference. 
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