Apple execs talk future of the iPhone in ride-along Apple Park tour

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Apple executives including Greg Joswiak and Kainann Drance have talked about working on the iPhone, and Apple's intentions for the future.

Two men talking beside a golf cart, with a camera mounted on it, outdoors on a sunny day.
Greg Joswiak (left) and Brian Tong at Apple Park

YouTuber Brian Tong has previously covered topics such as the Apple Vision Pro, and also specifically AirPods Pro for the headset, but now all iOS topics are up for grabs in a 40-minute "State of the iPhone"video.

Described as a "ride along with Joz and friends at Apple Park," the video has Tong being driven around Apple's campus. He shares the ride with a series of Apple executives, starting with Kainann Drance, Vice President of iPhone Marketing, and ending with Greg "Joz" Joswiak, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing.

The interviews were split between marketing executives and people working in hardware and software at Apple. Alongside Drance and Joswiak, they also included:

  • Anand Shimpi, Hardware Technologies

  • Alok Desphande, Camera Software Engineering

  • Delia Huff, Photo and Camera Product Marketing

Shimpi had a lot to say about Apple's work in AI. "You look at... the camera, [and AI already helps] from understanding the scene to configuring the camera to ultimately improving the final image capture."

"[As] Tim has mentioned, we have some exciting stuff coming up," continued Shimpi, "but I can say from a hardware and a software standpoint, I think we're extremely well positioned."

Each Apple person gets interviewed for several minutes, and then fortunately dropped off back where they started. At no point, of course, does any executive reveal future plans, but Joswiak does try to convey what Apple is always aiming at.

"The iPhone [has] changed all of our daily lives, you wouldn't leave home without it, right?" he said. "So we look at that as such a responsibility, we talk about the camera and talk about your daily lives, [but] one of the big areas that is an area that an investment for us is keeping our users safe."

Bald man with beard, glasses, and blue shirt gesturing with his hand, standing outdoors near glass building and greenery.
Anand Shimpi, Hardware Technologies

He talked about there having been difficulties getting Emergency SOS via Satellite working, and then Roadside Assistance. "We keep looking for what are the opportunities to positively impact people's life," he said, "we've done that since the first iPhone [and] we keep doing that."

"Because of our hardware/software/services integration that we have here, we have this ability [that if] we can imagine it, we can create it," said Joswiak, "and that always gets me excited."

Tong ends the video asking Joswiak to name his three favorite iPhones. Instantly, he says the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, the current models, -- before asking if he can make it four, so he could include the iPhone 15 Plus.

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    byronlbyronl Posts: 369member
    Haven’t watched the whole video yet, but Apple Pak is gorgeous. Love the greenery. 
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    fred1fred1 Posts: 1,122member
    Apple Park is the only part of this worth seeing. The rest seems to be a covert way of advertising and championing the iPhone with nothing new presented.
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    blastdoorblastdoor Posts: 3,432member
    Was it an autonomous golf cart? Perhaps the culmination of project titan?
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