Apple staff offered Milanese Loop Apple Watch bands at 40% off

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Apple has started to discount some of its Apple Watch bands for employees, but it is unclear if it is to prepare for changes with the next Apple Watch models.

Apple Watch Milanese Loop
Apple Watch Milanese Loop

Apple regularly offers its products to corporate and retail employees at a discount, with steeper offers available when it attempts to wind down stock levels. One such discount is now being offered on a selection of Apple Watch bands.

A 40% discount is being offered to Apple employees for some Link Bracelet and Milanese Loop band styles, reports MacRumors. This brings the Link Bracelet down from $349 to $209 for employees, while the Milanese Loop is down from $99 to $59.

They aren't the only discounted bands, as assorted Black Unity and Pride Edition bands are also being sold internally for up to 50% off. Oddly, the Midnight color variation of the Sport Band is also discounted.

Apple does occasionally rotate the discounts on its products over time, but the discounts are most prominent if Apple wants to run down the stock of products. This is typically before the introduction of new items replacing them.

For example, in September, it offered employees discounts on Hermes leather accessories at up to 90% off. This was performed in advance of Apple's September event and the introduction of its leather replacement FineWoven accessory lineup.

However, since Apple is most likely going to wait until the fall to introduce a new Apple Watch model, a steep discount of to-be-replaced band models in the spring seems extremely early.

Complicating matters are rumors that Apple will be making changes to the tenth-anniversary Apple Watch, with a redesign of the connectors apparently a possibility.

Though Apple has managed to maintain the use of one band connector type over the years, this wouldn't be the case for future models if that rumor turns out to be true.

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    charlesncharlesn Posts: 839member
    It makes sense that Apple would move to magnetic attachments for watch bands, since it could then put to use the empty spaces now needed for watch band anchor slots. But if it doesn't provide adapters to allow use of legacy bands, I think that will really hurt upgrade sales from earlier watch models. A lot of watch owners have a signficant investment in bands and simply discarding them to start all over again will not be an attractive option. Of course, this is Apple, so who knows?
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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 2,322member
    It sounds like the Stainless Steel Watch colours are getting a noticeable upgrade next round. It would be odd if they dumped them as they do seem fairly popular as an upsell, judging by the number I see in meetings. 

    A darker, darker colour would be nice, maybe a blue-based midnight-like colour with a tweaked to midnight sports band needed to avoid them being close but not close enough. Then again, a more gold-based colour and a more blingy natural would probably be a good sell to people who like those colours. 

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