The Browser Company poaches Apple Safari design team member

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The creators of Arc, a browser promising to browse for you with AI tools, have hired Charlie Deets, who was formerly one of two designers on the Apple Safari team.

The Arc logo in a blue icon box. It's a stylized pink and blue 'A'
Arc Search for iPhone

If you've not been paying attention, you may have missed one of the up-and-coming browsers promising to revolutionize content consumption online. The simply named "Browser Company" created Arc to upend classic interaction paradigms, and it has entered its second act, which is centered on AI.

The Browser Company CEO Josh Miller shared that Charlie Deets joined the Arc team in a post on X. The company's push to redefine browsing with AI could use some top talent, and one of the two designers from Apple's Safari team may fit the bill.

HUGE hiring news to share:

Apple's Safari browser has 2 lead designers.

Today we're welcoming one of them, @charliedeets, to the @browsercompany team !!

It's a big deal for us -- and plays into a larger strategic bet we're making in 2024. Here's a peek behind the curtain

— Josh Miller (@joshm)

Charlie Deets has been credited with creating the swipe-to-reply paradigm in software.

Miller goes on to comment that the company has $85 million in the bank and 12 months to build "Her" into your internet experience. That's a reference to the 2013 film in which a character falls in love with a Siri-like artificial intelligence.

A 15-minute long announcement video released in February showcased some of what Arc will be bringing to users in 2024. The features included an AI-powered search that "skips the middle man," intelligent tab folders that act as RSS feeds, and an iOS default browser that is available now.

Apple is set to introduce system-wide AI tools and features in iOS 18 during WWDC. A smarter Safari experience could be coming, but for now, Arc is aiming to be the one to beat with an Apple designer on its team.

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    michelb76michelb76 Posts: 618member
    Can't wait to see ARC continue innovating on the browser. It's the most important app on devices.

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