Beats Solo 4 release imminent with FCC regulator listing

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Weeks after forthcoming Beats Solo 4 headphones were listed in code for the iOS 17.4 beta, a new FCC listing for them suggests that they are nearing their launch.

Beats Solo 4 as found in the iOS 17.4 RC
Beats Solo 4 as found in the iOS 17.4 RC

A special Alo Yoga edition of Beats Fit Pro is quietly released on Tuesday, but that's not all the Beats news for the day. The previously leaked Beats Solo 4 may finally be nearing release.

Apple has still not announced or acknowledged that the new Beats by Dre are coming, but now the FCC database has detailed around half of the 30+ documents required during testing. The released documents include a request for confidentiality over many other reports, such as ones showing certain diagrams or full technical descriptions.

The remaining publicly-accessible FCC documents detail the standard testing and results that the headphones have gone through. As spotted by 9to5mac, they do not have any more detail about functionality or colors, than the code leak did.

Detail from the FCC database, showing where the regulator's logo should appear
Detail from the FCC database, showing where the regulator's logo should appear

All such devices are required to pass FCC testing before they can be sold. It does not automatically follow that a device listed on the database is about to launch. However, it's unusual for Apple or any other firm to wait for more than the minimum time to launch after the listing has appeared.

So far it's been eight years since the Beats Solo 3, and the new model does not appear to have any visibly significant redesigned features. It is expected to support Spatial Audio, however, and the code revealed that it would be available in at least black, blue, and pink.

More leaked data

An update

from 9to5Mac breaks down some of what to expect from the Beats Solo 4. It's not a far-fetched upgrade as many of the new features work to bring them into modern sound and technology.

The audio drivers will be upgraded with 40mm transducers and will support spatial audio with head tracking. The aging micro-USB port will finally be replaced with USB-C.

The Beats Solo 4 retain their folding design and headphone jack. The battery life is reportedly boosted to 50 hours, up from 40, and still have fast fuel charging that delivers 5 hours of playback with 10 minutes of charging.

There is Find My support along with tap to pair for Android.

The rumored price is $199.99, which is identical to Beats Solo 3. The sources suggest May 2 as a release date.

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