Two more new iPads spotted in regulatory database

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Another two unannounced iPads have now been listed on an Indian regulator's database, meaning the expected iPad Pro and iPad Air models are likely to be released soon.

iPad Pros
iPad Pros

All new devices such as iPads must go through regulatory testing before they are allowed to be sold in a territory. It's only a question of which country or region will happen to be first, and on April 4, 2024, it was the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) that revealed the existence of two new iPads.

However, no regulator posts very much detail at this stage, and India's BIS listed only that they were iPads by Apple, and had the model numbers A2836 and A2837. The question remained whether these were the expected two iPad Pro models, the expected two iPad Air versions, or a combination.

Now, as spotted by MySmartPrice, a further two models have been added to the BIS listings.

Again, there are no details beyond the devices being iPads by Apple, and with model numbers A2836 and A2837.

The existence of four distinct models is not absolute confirmation of previous rumors, but it strongly supports the idea that for the first time, there will be two versions of the iPad Air. It's been reported that Apple will add as larger 12.9-inch version of the iPad Air.

That increased size is expected to be the major selling point of the iPad Air. For the iPad Pro, it's believed that Apple will add an OLED screen to the device.

OLED would improve the contrast and brightness of the display, but it would also allow the iPad to be thinner because it doesn't require backlighting. As a result of that, OLED also uses less battery power, though its production is costly enough that the iPad Pro is expected to be priced much higher than before.

Note that the existence of a listing on a regulatory database does not necessarily mean that a launch is imminent. However, regulators can't test devices until they are ready, and it's unlikely -- but not unheard of -- that any firm would postpone launching a finished device for any length of time.

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    It appears that the two groups of model numbers are identical, therefore an error in copying or there is only two models?
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