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On this week's episode of the AppleInsider Podcast, your hosts discuss the new Apple Robot rumors, reminisce about Apple's founding and the 14th anniversary of the iPad, and so much more!

A stylized white robot with an Apple logo and a monitor displaying the word 'hello.'
Mockup of a future Apple robot with the original 1984 Mac's "Hello" screen

As well as that 48th anniversary of Apple itself, this week also marks the 14th year since the unveiling of the iPad. That was the last product that Steve Jobs launched, and after all these years, no rival has managed to make a true iPad killer.

Listen to the latest episode here.

As much fun as there is in Apple's history, it is also a company with a complicated future. This week we learned that since abandoning the Apple Car, the company has begun looking in earnest at robots.

It may be hard right now to imagine Tim Cook stepping out on stage at a WWDC with some Space Gray version of C3PO at his side. But then Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak probably didn't spend a lot of time in their garage imagining making television drama and trying to make sports spatial videos.

Subscriber Bonus: This week's extra AppleInsider+ for subscribers is about Apple Services and how so many going down this week just highlights the fact that they've become vital to us.

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    As long as Cook doesn't show up on stage with a dancing guy in a robot suit... 
  • Reply 2 of 3
    PemaPema Posts: 43member
    As long as Cook doesn't show up on stage with a dancing guy in a robot suit... 
    No. You got the CEOs wrong. That was Steve Ballmer flogging Windows XP. On the cringe scale a 10. 

    I like the direction that Cook is leading Apple, however, I do miss the brilliance of Jobs' innovation. Cook is steering Apple on a lateral and obvious line: Apple Car, Robotics, AI. But where are the sparks that blazed the sky: The Bondi Blue iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and all the rest of it. 

    If Jobs were alive today he would never take Apple down the Car project. It was silly and fruitless from the start. Vision Pro? We will see. It's just mixed reality done the Apple way. Now Robots? 

    How about something truly innovative? I guess you can't replicate genius. 
    edited April 7
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    Wes… Look for the interview at AllDigital to Steve Jobs… something like back in 2006-2007.
    He told the story that… he wanted a computer being a slack of glass. When the engineers show it, a programmer did the ‘bouncing effect’ to scroll… and Steve said: “We have the phone!”
    They developed the iPhone and then back to the iPad.

    The most wonderful aspecto the iPad presentation was… Steve Jobs sat on a couch… using it.
    (Only less impacting than when he introduced the MacBook Air in an envelop!)
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