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On this episode of the HomeKit Insider Podcast, new robot vacuum cleaners come to market, hands on with a Qi2 charger, bright smart bulbs, and more!

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Leading off this episode of the HomeKit Insider Podcast, LifX has introduced two new light bulbs. There is an A21 bulb and an outdoor Par38 bulb that retail for $39.98 and $34.98 respectively.

Each are full color spectrum, support Matter over Wi-Fi, and can get up to 1600 lumens of brightness.

We also went hands-on with the new Mophie Qi2 car charger. This vent mount clips behind the vent blades for a secure hold and can charge your iPhone at up to 15W.

Robotic vacuum cleaners were a big topic this week, with multiple new releases.

Category mainstay iRobot added two new devices to its lineup. It has two new Essentials models that are below $300.

The more affordable model is solely a vacuum while for a few dollars more, you can get the combo device that integrates a mop.

These lack some of the bells and whistles found on higher-end units but they're remarkable for such an affordable price.

We also took a look at the eufy S1 Pro. This unique bot includes a roller brush for the mop that is constantly cleaned while it goes.

Finally, Roborock announced availability of its S8 MaxV Ultra. Showing up on April 22, they're offering a great launch promo that includes tons of freebies for early adopters.

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