14% of all iPhones now come from India

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With India accounting for an ever greater proportion of iPhone manufacturing, Apple and its suppliers are planning to build residential accommodation by the thousands.

Mumbai, India
Mumbai, India

India is becoming progressively more important to Apple as the company works to reduce its over-reliance on China, and Apple has already built new offices in the country. Now as Bloomberg reports that India now assembles one in seven iPhones, Apple is looking to build housing for staff.

The growth to one in seven iPhones means Indian production has doubled since the last fiscal year. It means India has produced $14 billion worth of iPhones, or approximately 14% of Apple's overall production.

Apple has made no secret that it wants to expand in India, with reports that its intention is to be making 25% annually of all iPhones there by 2028. It's part of a years-long effort by Apple and its suppliers to end or at least greatly reduce its dependence on China as its sole source of iPhones.

According to Bloomberg, the increase in Indian production involves all of Apple's major suppliers. So Foxconn made an estimated 67% of India-made iPhones by the end of fiscal year in March 2024.

Pegatron reportedly produced around 17% of the iPhones in India, while the remainder were manufactured by Wistron.

It's not clear how many people are now employed in making the iPhone in India, but local publication Business Standard says that Apple has directly created 150,000 new jobs there in the last two and a half years. It's for these workers that new accommodation is being planned.

Business Standard reports that Indian government officials have revealed that the houses are coming from the country's largest public/private partnership. Apple suppliers Foxconn, Tata, and Salcomp are developing what's said to be over 78,000 units.

It's not known how many workers will be housed in the units. But government officials said that the housing was specifically being built for women employees who face lengthy commutes to work.

They also said that the majority of women employees were currently living in rented accommodation and that this raised unspecified security concerns.

It's not the first time that Apple and its suppliers or partners have been involved in housing. However, the chief example of this is in California, where by July 2023, Apple had spent $1.5 billion to help relieve the state's housing crisis.

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    Will toilets be included?
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    India’s government seems to be intent on becoming more like China so Apple could end up right back where it started down the road.
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    123Go123Go Posts: 19member
    India’s government seems to be intent on becoming more like China so Apple could end up right back where it started down the road.
    Sadly I think you may be correct 
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    123Go123Go Posts: 19member
    I hope the unions in India are able to ensure better working conditions and rights for the workers compared to how the workers are treated in China
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,752member
    With the ever-increasing sophistication of AI and robotics, I have to wonder if more Apple products could be assembled here in the USA in the not-too-distant future.
    edited April 10 watto_cobra
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    ssfe11ssfe11 Posts: 31member
    Excellent news as manufacturing diversification is key plus will add to sales in India
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    looplessloopless Posts: 332member
    This is how you build a middle class. People who previously would have been working low-paid, dirty , dangerous jobs get to work in a clean, safe environment with better wages. It will particularly empower women. 
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