Apple Pencil 3 may be able to be squeezed in multiple ways

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The Apple Pencil 3's rumored squeeze gesture could provide more than one function, with more than one gesture potentially arriving with the stylus.

Apple Pencil 2
Apple Pencil 2

The iPad and iPad Pro stylus introduced a double-tap gesture for the Apple Pencil 2, letting users switch functions on the fly. Following claims that the Apple Pencil 3 could include a squeezing gesture, it now seems that there may be more gesture options on the way.

According to iMore, code in the iPadOS 17.5 developer beta mentions gesture controls, but goes beyond simply detecting a squeeze. It is claimed that there are references to a long squeeze gesture, along with a double squeeze, alongside the previously discovered squeeze.

The different gestures could mean users can trigger three separate actions with the Apple Pencil, without coming into contact with the display to physically select an option. This would also be an improvement on the double-tap, as it doesn't require much movement or changes in Apple Pencil handling to perform the gesture.

This is a natural extension of accessories that Apple has done for quite some time. For example, its introduction of multi-touch gestures to trackpads, as well as the different swipes and touches that can be performed on a Magic Mouse.

Apple is currently rumored to be introducing its long-awaited updates to the iPad Pro and iPad Air models in the first week of May. Such an occasion would also be an opportune time to release new accessories, including a brand new Apple Pencil.

Squeeze gestures may not be the only new feature arriving in the Apple Pencil 3. In September, a leaker claimed that interchangeable magnetic tips could be used in the new model, allowing for the Apple Pencil 3 to be used for different stylus-based tasks, such as switching between painting and technical drawing.

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    neoncatneoncat Posts: 152member
    If there's a lord above (which there isn't, but let's just pretend), then when you squeeze Apple Pencil™, it'll make a delightful giggle noise like when they'd poke the belly of the Pillsbury Dough Boy in those old TV commercials. 
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    The feature I really want is for the Apple Pencil to have an "eraser". Wacom and other tablet makers have had that feature on their styluses (stylii?) for years. Now that the Pencil is a single solid device, i.e., you don't have to remove the back part in order to recharge it, they could make it so that you just flip it around to erase marks. It's simple, intuitive, and could add a lot of functionality options to the Pencil—customize the back part so that you could switch between two different tools (graphite pencil on the main tip, broad ink brush on the rear tip, for instance) without going back to the tool bar; adjust the eraser on the fly (size, opacity, sharpness, etc.)
    Adding functionality to the rear tip of the Pencil would add a whole world of capabilities and creative opportunities for artists.
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