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On this episode of the HomeKit Insider Podcast, we dive into the new Google My Devices network, Aqara's motion sensor, Fellow's new smart coffee machine -- Aiden, and look at more Qi2 devices.

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Since the last episode, Google officially launched its Find My Devices network. This is the Android-equivalent to Apple's own Find My program.

Some devices, like the Pixel 8 can be found while offline and devices can be put into lost mode when you're unable to locate them.

We go into how there could be some cross-platform collaboration and talk about a feature that we'd love for Apple to implement.

Aqara also launched its new P2 motion and light sensor. This includes Matter over Thread support and can work without an Aqara hub, though you do unlock more features if you have one.

The Aqara P2 has a two year battery life, can detect motion up to seven meters away, and covers 170 degrees horizontally.

Finally, Fellow has announced its first large-capacity coffee machine. The Aiden coffee brewer is smartphone connected where you have granular control over every step of the brewing process and scheduling.

As was predicted at CES, the spring is continuing to bring us not just better weather, but plenty of Qi2 chargers. This week we revisited Mophie that now has its 3-in-1 model in stock.

ESR also was touting the availability of its core line. Its new 3-in-1 charger can be ordered which includes a removable Apple Watch charger.

It also promised its travel charger would be coming in May. Both the new 3-in-1 and its existing Qi2 car charger are 10% off for a limited time.

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