Apple wants an iPhone camera module maker in India

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As part of Apple's continued shift to increase iPhone production in India, the company is now trying to secure suppliers for camera modules within the country.

iPhone 15 Pro Max camera module
iPhone 15 Pro Max camera module

Apple has spent years trying to move away from China-centric production into one with multiple manufacturing bases. While Apple wants to significantly increase its iPhone production in India in the coming years, it has to solve multiple problems that can slow progress.

One of the issues is component sourcing, which Apple solved in China with supply chains optimized to deliver components to assemblers in the region. For the moment, many components have to be shipped to India to be assembled there, but that could eventually change.

According to the Economic Times, Apple is said to be in advanced discussions with Murugappa Group and Tata's Titan Company to assemble and manufacture sub-components for iPhone camera modules.

Tata's Titan is a precision component producer who makes elements for watches and jewelry. Murugappa is a century-old company with interests in multiple areas, ranging from engineering to chemicals, to financial services.

The sources aware of the discussions say that Apple doesn't have any camera module suppliers located in India. Partnering with either Murugappa or Titan would solve the issue.

One source told the report that Apple will finalize its selection of camera module partner within five to six months.

Equal standing

Both potential sources have made moves that can easily put themselves as a front-runner for the Apple supply chain. For Apple, if it can secure a suitable source for the components in India, it can not only expand its footprint in the country, but also do so with fewer international component shipments.

Murugappa Group acquired a 76% stake in camera module maker Moshine Electronics in 2022, potentially giving it an edge. One source says that, with a potential fab in place, the company could even make the image sensor Apple needs for the device.

Tata's Titan owns Titan Engineering and Automation, which produces high-precision components, working in a variety of industries. Camera module production isn't much of a stretch for the firm, either.

Both Tata and Murugappa have qualified for government incentives to set up semiconductor assembly teams in India, including one $11 billion chip facility being constructed by Tata.

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    Great to hear! 

    Diversifying away from China will take time, but it can and must be done.
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