Microsoft brings OneNote to the Apple Vision Pro -- with a key limitation

in Apple Vision Pro

Word and Excel were available on the Apple Vision Pro at launch, but now Microsoft is expanding its apps with an earlier than expected release of its note-taking app, OneNote.

A digital note-taking app interface overlaid on a serene mountainous landscape at sunset, displaying categorized notes and a page with mathematical doodles and formulas.
Microsoft OneNote on Apple Vision Pro (Source: Microsoft)

While Microsoft committed to all of its Microsoft 365 apps being available on the Apple Vision Pro, at launch it concentrated on its main applications, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams. Now the company has announced that Microsoft OneNote has joined the list.

"Now, with Apple Vision Pro, OneNote will make use of the infinite canvas of spatial computing," wrote Microsoft's Greg MacEachern in a blog post, "and can appear side-by-side with other great Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, and Teams at any scale for incredible multitasking."

There are limitations, however. OneNote for Apple Vision Pro is solely for personal accounts and any work accounts that are not managed by a user's organization.

It's not clear whether Microsoft intends to address this, but it has issued some details of other missing features are it is working on. Specifically, users cannot as yet insert images from the camera, and Copilot is not available.

Microsoft says that two-factor authentication through the Microsoft Authenticator is not yet available on Apple Vision Pro.

The news of Microsoft expanding its note-taking app to Apple Vision Pro comes as first word was released of rivalApple Notes gaining new features. It is rumored to be getting mathematical notation, and the ability to record audio, and both features already exist in OneNote.

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    Drew.KocurDrew.Kocur Posts: 6unconfirmed, member
    This is the same problem I have with Teams. My organizationally managed account will not let me sign in. Zoom works fine with my SSO account. But Teams throws up a licensing error. I hope Microsoft fixes this soon. If I'm supposed to use AVP for work, I can't without Teams.
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    Alex1NAlex1N Posts: 137member
    M$ - dragging their feet, as usual.
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