iPhone 17 Plus display might be a hair smaller than the iPhone 16 Plus

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Apple may make a controversial change, with a new rumor claiming that the size of the iPhone 17 Plus screen could shrink a bit, when compared to iPhone 16 Plus.

iPhone 15 Plus [left] and iPhone 15
iPhone 15 Plus [left] and iPhone 15

Apple has gradually increased the display size of its iPhones over time. The current-gen models sit at 6.1 inches for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, with the Plus and Pro Max measuring 6.7 inches.

In a tweet on X, Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants now believes that the iPhone 17 Plus will have a display that happens to be smaller than that of the iPhone 15 Plus.

While Young doesn't go into detail, he does believe the Plus model will rest between the iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Pro screens, and the iPhone 17 Pro Max.

If true, this would make the iPhone 17 Plus display smaller than the iPhone 16 Plus. In May 2023, Young tweeted measurements for the nearer-term iPhone 16, with the Pro and Pro Max growing to 6.27 inches and 6.86 inches respectively, complete with a slightly longer aspect ratio.

However, at the time, Young said the iPhone 16 and Plus sizes would be identical to the iPhone 15 counterparts in size.

The claim from Young about the iPhone 17 Plus screen change is an unusual one, but it does come from a very reliable source. Young and DSCC has an extremely good track record when it comes to displays and supply chain stories, making this more likely to be true.

That said, while Apple does operate an extremely long production cycle to design and make its flagship devices and components, things could always change before Apple releases its hardware.

Rumor Score: Possible

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    How incredibly annoying.

    I have ZERO need for multiple cameras.  I do want the biggest screen.

    What I really want is a SE+ with a home button, Touch ID, no idiotic notch or pill, and a single simple camera without a bulge.  I don't even want a FaceTime camera at all, that can go away.
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    Leica has the very best camera optics and is collaborating with phone manufacturers! I wonder why Apple hasn’t reached out to Leica?
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