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    Originally posted by Eugene

    The similar look of all the Dodge vehicles you pasted isn't necessarily a good thing. What if I don't like the look? At least if I don't like the Ford Forty-Nine or Thunderbird, I can look at other Fords without puking...

    True. If people don't like the design language, a company could lose a whole group. But overall, the design language acts to brand a company - predicated on the design language being good - which makes it easier to market and sell cars across different size ranges. Force multiplier in military speak. Virtually every car company or division does this. The loss of customers who don't like the design language is considered a good tradeoff, and appropriately so.

    But with retrofuturism, Ford, who has only 3 American car divisions with not much overlap between them, has all these concept cars of varying design, with many of them of limited market like the Thunderbird.
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