Photoshop gets update adding more powerful AI workflows

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Adobe has unveiled its new Photoshop app featuring updated generative AI tools with text-to-image capabilities for designers and photographers.

Decorative teacup filled with purple flowers that blend into a mystical forest background with shafts of light illuminating the scene.
Adobe supercharges iOS app with new AI-driven features

Driven by the Adobe Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model, the new advancements announced on Tuesday, add generative AI features for creators to the Photoshop app. Functions such as Reference Image, Generate Image, Generate Similar, Generate Background, and Enhance Detail can streamline the creative process.

Photoshop's latest features can enhance and expedite creative workflows. The Reference Image feature uses selected images to inspire and shape outputs, closely aligning results with what creatives envision.

The new Generate Image capability reduces the gap between a blank page and finished content by introducing direct text-to-image conversion within Photoshop. This is a first for the application.

Additionally, the Generate Background function simplifies the creation of new backgrounds that integrate with existing images. The Generate Similar tool allows creators to rapidly iterate on their designs with selected variations.

A circular neon portal amidst vibrant coral leading to a serene beachscape under a cloudy sky.

The Enhance Detail feature is designed to fine-tune images, enhancing their sharpness and clarity.

Complementing these Firefly-powered enhancements, Photoshop introduced several other valuable tools for design and creation. The Adjustment Brush lets users quickly apply non-destructive adjustments to specific parts of an image.

An improved Font Browser provides instant access to more than 25,000 Adobe fonts directly from the cloud, eliminating the need to exit Photoshop to find the perfect font for any project.

Finally, Adjustment Presets offer a straightforward way for creators to alter the appearance of images with single-click filters, along with the option to create and save customized presets for repeated use.

A plush room with a metallic sofa, cloud-shaped light fixture, and a panoramic view of the ocean through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Adobe has also rolled out an update for its Adobe Express mobile app on iOS, integrating the Firefly generative AI capabilities. The update enables mobile users to access the power of Adobe's advanced AI directly from their devices.

The inclusion of Firefly in Adobe Express enhances the app's functionality. It democratizes advanced image editing and design capabilities, allowing users to generate professional-quality graphics and edits on the go.

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