Sonos overhauls iOS controller app to simplify smart speaker streaming

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Sonos is updating its mobile app, providing iPhone users with a simpler design to make streaming services through its smart speakers even easier.

Sonos is updating its iOS app
Sonos is updating its iOS app

The updated app, which will roll out on iOS as well as Android from May 7, streamlines the experience of accessing streaming content via the app itself. To accomplish that, the changes start with a considerably pared-down home screen, which provides quick access to the user's subscriptions.

The redesigned home screen does away with tabs, and instead, it offers users a selection of recently played albums and stations, trending libraries, and direct access to subscribed services. At the bottom of the screen are the currently-played track and basic playback controls.

There is also a single unified search bar on the home screen, which can be used to search for artists, songs, podcasts, and audiobooks across all of the user's preferred streaming services in one go.

The new Sonos app for iOS
The new Sonos app for iOS

Users can also personalize the home screen by pinning rows of content and services, so they're always available to access. They can also move the content to different positions and edit what's on view for each too.

A swipe up from the bottom of the home screen will provide access to more controls for the entire Sonos home network. As well as showing what's playing on which speaker, users can also tweak the volumes and quickly group together speakers.

The new app replaces the current controller, and will also introduce a new web experience as well. However, as Sonos is planning to discontinue its apps for macOS and Windows, desktop users will have to migrate to the web app if they want control over their Sonos smart speaker network.

Late 2023 rumors claimed Sonos is working on a wave of launches for 2024, including a new high-end amp for late 2024, and a new soundbar codenamed "Lasso," alongside a "Pinewood" set-top box. A subwoofer codenamed "Lotus" may arrive in 2025.

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