The Worst of WWDC - Apple's biggest missteps on the way to success



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    IMHO if you don't do anything risky as a self styled 'innovator' you're doing something wrong. Then again most of the mistakes on this lists are post-jobs. You can clearly see Apple is missing it's taste in doing things. (Then again talking about HomePod as a 'Failure' ... there is the Apple iPod HiFi, which was even worse)

    Most of these are also more of a first generation issues. Apple worked out it's kinks and stuff like Memoji feel like the direct ancestors of the spatial persona we see now on the Vision Pro (which has all the hallmarks of a future failed product ... considering that even Apple can't be bothered to deliver content for that thing).
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    bestkeptsecretbestkeptsecret Posts: 4,271member
    dutchlord said:
    ATV is also one of the disappointments which was announced as a game changer but appeared to be one of the many hobbies of Apple. And what about Apple Car. Burning $10bn with zero results and no heads rolling is also a failure of big proportion.
    Well, to be fair, the Apple Car was never introduced at WWDC!
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    danoxdanox Posts: 3,101member
    petri said:

    dutchlord said:
    And what about Apple Car. Burning $10bn with zero results and no heads rolling is also a failure of big proportion.
    Apple car was never announced or promised to anyone.  It was an R&D project, an inherently expensive one, and the result was an internal decision not to proceed any further with it; for a company of Apple’s scale that’s ok.  Better that then launching it to the public for fear of “wasting money” and then having to admit it’s a poor product, doesn’t work, or worse - isn’t safe.

    It was obvious to make a car, but Apple failed.
    I can confirm it as I am in the automotive industry and a lot of HW engineers were hired incl. chassis manager, antenna, quality engineer from automotive, car designers etc. 
    One of them confirmed that Apple intended to make a car.  

    I don’t doubt for one second that they were working on a car.  But it was an internal project - again, it wasn’t announced to anybody and nobody was promised it.  It has nothing to do with WWDC since it was never mentioned there.  It was a set of ideas they were working on, and then (as far as we can tell) that research led to them realising it wasn’t the right product and not the thing to be spending time on.  I think that was almost certainly the right decision for Apple and quite a brave one really.
    Some people are disparate to pin something on Apple Google, Microsoft, H.P., Elon and Meta have flops/bad acquisitions far beyond Apple whose largest acquisition to date is only 3 billion dollars. 10 billion dollars in R&D over 10 years is nothing for Apple, who knows we may get a extreme Mac Pro or a extreme Mac Studio out of it. Which would help the so-called over hyped AI cause. 
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