Tim Cook promises aid for Brazil flooding relief

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CEO Tim Cook has again committed Apple to donating support for relief efforts, this time for the flooding in southern Brazil.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook

As it did in August 2023 over the flooding in Beijing -- and before that in Pakistan -- has announced that it will be donating to help relief and recovery efforts.

Our hearts go out to those affected by the devastating and tragic floods in Brazil. Apple will be donating to relief efforts on the ground.

-- Tim Cook (@tim_cook)

As with all previous announcements of support for flooding relief -- and earthquakes, and France's Notre Dame rebuild -- Cook does not go into any further detail. Apple doesn't comment further, either, so it's never clear what form the support will take, or over what period.

Given that Cook specifically uses the word "donating," it's likely that Apple will be sending money to relief organizations in the area. However, it may as well -- or instead -- offer some kind of support such as the use of staff in the relief efforts.

The flooding is in southern Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul, and its capital Porto Alegre. Severe rainfall has led to at least 85 people dead, and BBC News says 150,000 have had to leave their homes.

There are currently two Apple Stores in Brazil, with the first opening in Rio de Janeiro in 2014. Neither that nor the second store in Sao Paulo have been affected by the flooding.

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