Apple TV+'s 'Ted Lasso' heads to Blu-ray on July 30

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Fans of the Jason Sudeikis Apple TV+ show "Ted Lasso" can now preorder Blu-ray and DVD boxed sets for the comedy show from Amazon.

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso
Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso

"Ted Lasso" was a phenomenon for Apple TV+, but you can't watch it without the Apple TV+ subscription. Following rumors that a Blu-ray box set was on the way for all three seasons, it's now surfaced on Amazon.

Titled "Ted Lasso: The Complete Series," the product listing reveals that fans can actually buy either the Blu-ray or DVD boxed sets as a pre-order. The release date for the boxed sets is listed as 30 July, 2024 for both versions.

While both boxed sets will contain all three seasons of the feel-good soccer comedy show, there is a difference in price. The Blu-ray will cost consumers $84.99 to pre-order, while the DVD is $74.99.

"Ted Lasso" joins the rare group of Apple TV+ shows that have graduated to a physical media release. In 2021, "Defending Jacob" made the transition, as well as "On The Rocks."

They were followed by "For All Mankind" in 2022, with a curious initial release in the UK.

Lasting 34 episodes, "Ted Lasso" followed the titular character as they coached a UK Premiership soccer team. While widely celebrated, the show itself has concluded, though there have been hints a continuation could be on the way.

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    XedXed Posts: 2,704member
    I'd love to see the numbers to see how much profit is generated from Blu-ray sales in 2024. I figure it has to be high or there is some other vector that I'm not yet aware that makes this something a modern, streaming-focused production from a company that is quick to cut old formats agree to offer.
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    kkqd1337kkqd1337 Posts: 446member
    i am not sure i know anyone with a DVD player.

    i definitely don't know anyone with a blue ray player.
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