Best new iPad Pro and iPad Air accessories to keep your device safe and stylish

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Sparked by new Apple iPad Pro and iPad Air models, third-party makers are debuting a host of accessories. Here are the ones we like the most.

iPad Air and iPad Pro accessory roundup
iPad Air and iPad Pro accessory roundup

Apple recently debuted new iPad Air and iPad Pro models, which means it's time to start thinking about new accessories. We've picked out some of our favorite cases, keyboards, and accessories to help you trick out your brand new iPad.

Otterbox cases

Otterbox's Statement Series Studio cases are also available for the new iPads, with a Blue model for the 11-inch M2 Air or M4 Pro, and a Grey version for the 13-inch Air and Pro. The cases for the 11-inch models sell for $119.95, while the 13-inch models sell for $129.95.

Three iPad covers, viewed from the back, in black and blue colors
Otterbox's Statement Series for the latest iPad Pro and Air models

All of these cases include a cover for the magnetically-attached Apple Pencil Pro.

Logitech keyboards

Logitech goes one better with a Combo Touch Keyboard Case for the 11-inch M4 iPad Pro. Like Apple's own revised Magic Keyboard for that model, Logitech's version features an enlarged trackpad area, and allows for the Apple Pencil Pro to attach magnetically.

A kitchen counter with a coffeepot, and two iPads in keyboard cases
Logitech's Combo Touch keyboard cases for the new iPad Air and iPad Pro

There is a similar model for the new 11-inch iPad Air, with a lighter gray color and a smaller trackpad.

The Pro model sells for $229.95 for the 11-inch case, or $259.99 for the 13-inch M4 case, while the M2 iPad Air case is $199.95 for the 11-inch, and $229.95 for the 13-inch.

Paperlike's iPad Folio Case

If you want a simple case that keeps your iPad screen looking pristine, Paperlike's Folio Case might be the case for you.

Paperlike Folio Case
Paperlike Folio Case

Designed to look and feel like your favorite sketchbook, the Folio Case features a 100% recycled microfiber lining, helping to keep your iPad safe from scratches, scuffs, and dirt. Not to mention, it's magnetic, making it easy to swap with your favorite keyboards when you want to go from sketching to writing emails.

You can snag the Folio Case for the 11-inch iPad Air and 13-inch iPad Air right now, or preorder it for the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 13-inch iPad Pro, for $69.99.

Burton Goods Magic Keyboard Leather Case for iPad Pro

We love our leather cases and accessories here, which is why we're excited that Burton Goods is offering a Magic Keyboard-compatible leather case for the new M4 iPad Pro lineup.

Burton Goods Magic Keyboard Leather Case
Burton Goods Magic Keyboard Leather Case

Made from full-grain leather and boasting a microfiber interior, the Magic Keyboard Leather Case helps protect your new investment while not skimping on style.

The Magic Keyboard Leather Case can be preordered for the 11-inch iPad Pro for $169.95 from Burton Goods.

It's also available for the 13-inch iPad Pro for $179.95.

Paperlike Pencil Grip

If you're spending a long time drawing, painting, or writing on your iPad, you know that holding the Apple Pencil isn't the most ergonomic way to work.

Paperlike's Apple Pencil Grips
Apple Pencil Grips

You can easily improve your comfort and line stability by adding Paperlike's Pencil Grips. These soft pencil grips cushion your grip and add stability while supporting the new Apple Pencil Pro features like Barrel Roll, Squeeze, Haptic Feed Back, and Double Tap.

You can pick up a two-pack of Pencil Grips from Amazon for $19.99.

ESR Magnetic Rotating iPad Cases

ESR has released an ultra-stable stand that allows you to position your new iPad Pro in nine separate angles to seamlessly switch from FaceTime to note-taking and more. The dual front and back covers protect your iPad from dings and scrapes.

ESR Magnetic Rotating Case
ESR Magnetic Rotating Case

It's available for the 13-inch iPad Pro from Amazon starting at $53.99.

Brydge Air Max+ keyboard case

We love keyboard cases here at AppleInsider, and we've long been fans of Brydge's offerings. Thats why we were happy to see that the Brydge Air Max+ works with Apple's new 11-inch iPad Air.

Brydge Air Max+ keyboard case
Brydge Air Max+ keyboard case

Bridge Air Max+ supports a multi-touch trackpad, allowing you to work with a MacBook-like flow. Its SnapFit case allows you to easily disconnect your iPad from the keyboard for those times when you'd rather hold it like a book.

Brydge currently has limited support for the new Apple iPad lineup, but currently does offer a case for the 11-inch M2 iPad Air for $119.99.

Paperlike iPad screen protector

If you do any amount of writing or drawing on your iPad, you know that it can be a bit strenuous on your forearm. You can fix that by adding a texturized screen protector, and we happen to love the one from Paperlike.

Paperlike screen protector
Paperlike screen protector

The Paperlike screen protector adds a paper-like texture to the screen of your iPad. The matte surface also reduces reflections, making it easier for you to use your iPad in bright office settings or outdoors.

You can snag a Paperlike screen protector two-pack for $44.99.

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    drewsaurdrewsaur Posts: 10member
    Is anyone going to make a *cover* rather than a case for these new models, at long last?
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    thttht Posts: 5,550member
    drewsaur said:
    Is anyone going to make a *cover* rather than a case for these new models, at long last?
    Yeah. The smart covers from 10 years ago were nice. 

    I’ve been looking for what amounts to a “back” cover. All it does is be thicker than the camera bump to make it lay flat on a table. It doesn’t cover the sides. Like, if I buy an Apple Smart Folio, and just cut the front cover part off. 

    A back cover with built-in batteries and capable of powering a Smart Connector iPad and charging its battery would be a product I would be very interested in too. 

    Then, the wait continues for a slim and trim sleeve. I’ve been using the Apple Leather Sleeve for my iPP10.5 for 7 years now. It’s been very good. Enables me to use the iPP10.5 bare, in its minimal size and cold aluminum. 
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    drewsaurdrewsaur Posts: 10member
    I just want a front cover like I had with my iPad Air 3....
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