Samsung's half-hearted attempt to capitalize on Apple's Crush ad misses the point

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Days after Apple learned its lesson, apologized, and removed its controversial "Crush" ad for iPad Pro, Samsung is here with another poorly thought out ad promoting Galaxy Tab with AI.

A person picks up a broken guitar
Samsung's 'UnCrush' ad tries to be clever praising creatives while advertising AI

Apple's Let Loose iPad event was a celebration of the company's advancement of tablet technology intermixed with creatives taking advantage of the new hardware. However, an ad for the iPad Pro proved to be quite the speed bump that some interpreted as Apple destroying creative devices to make way for its cold aluminum slate.

After the outcry, Apple apologized and won't air the "Crush" ad anymore only two days after the event, but six days later, Samsung is here to mock the company by firmly inserting its foot in its mouth. A new ad called "UnCrush" showcases a person playing a broken guitar on a paint-covered industrial press, using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 to read sheet music.

At the end of the ad, it promotes the tablet "with Galaxy AI." Perhaps if Samsung had left its branding off of the ad, it would have had a bigger impact, but this attempt at a heartfelt video just acts as another reminder of the crushing existential crisis that AI presents to creatives.

We would never crush creativity. #UnCrush

-- Samsung Mobile US (@SamsungMobileUS)

Not everyone reacted emotionally to the "Crush" ad. For some, it was a too-long attempt at something clever in the middle of an Apple keynote and nothing more.

The people who did have a reaction felt something more than just annoyance or insult. Many claimed that the ad represented technology, crushing the creative spirit of analog tools in favor of cold technology.

A repeating theme of the iPad event was also AI. One portion even focused on a musician using an AI tool in Logic Pro to add instruments to a song.

Samsung's attempt to appeal to the creatives with its ad comes off as ignorant. It ignores the foundation of the complaints about Apple's "Crush" ad and results in being another threat instead of something inspirational.

The "UnCrush" ad would make some kind of sense if it came from a company with a history of promoting creative artistic endeavors. Instead, we've seen Samsung attempt to alter the very meaning of photography by using AI to replace objects in images, like the moon.

A family with haircuts that resemble the iPhone X notch
Samsung made fun of the iPhone notch before adapting a notch on its smartphones

Bashing Apple isn't new for competitors, especially Samsung. Often, the company adopts the very thing it is mocking in the ad, like Samsung eventually embracing the notch.

However, this may be the first time that Samsung has tried to make fun of Apple and adopt the very thing it was mocking in the same advertisement. Somehow, it conveys "we're on the side of creatives" while simultaneously saying "creatives won't exist without our technology."

Regardless of your opinion on the "Crush" ad from Apple, it is safe to say Samsung should spend less time talking about its competitors and more time making products people want to buy.

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    coolfactorcoolfactor Posts: 2,259member
    She wasn't even looking at the tablet. Why was it there? That's my question.

    I was really hoping Sammy had something creative and sensible here. 
    gilly33killroyBart Y
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    Anyone else think that while she played, the crushed items would magically repair themselves? Or that she would find a way to make something new from all the crushed pieces that was more impressive than the sum of its parts?

    I feel like either one of those ideas would have been better than what they made. 🤷🏽‍♂️
    mknelsonAnilu_777lolliver9secondkox2killroyBart Y
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    mknelsonmknelson Posts: 1,128member
    She wasn't even looking at the tablet. Why was it there? That's my question.

    I was really hoping Sammy had something creative and sensible here. 
    Well, you see, it's like this… She's creative, so doesn't need no stinking sheet music on a stinking Samsung tablet!
    gilly339secondkox2killroyBart Y
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    gilly33gilly33 Posts: 437member
    People are just way too sensitive nowadays. Yeah it’s Apple’s sinister plan to make obsolete all old school instruments. That’s the master plan in Cupertino. 
    Anilu_7779secondkox2killroywilliamlondonBart Y
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    gilly33gilly33 Posts: 437member
    She wasn't even looking at the tablet. Why was it there? That's my question.

    I was really hoping Sammy had something creative and sensible here. 
    Nope she wasn’t. What tablet? And begging Samsung’s pardon but no instruments were left around after Apple was done with ‘em. So nice try Samsung. 
    9secondkox2killroyBart Y
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    Nicely done, Samsung. Short, simple, elegant. Kudos. 
    On a related note. Apple did a reasonably good job with their ‘Crush’ ad. Pity it caused so much offence. 
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    9secondkox29secondkox2 Posts: 2,768member
    Reading sheet music can be done without ai. Talk about remedial stuff. 

    Sounds like Samsung made a commercial giving people reasons to buy something else - like perhaps an iPad Pro. 

    Apple shouldn’t have apologized for their clever ad. Things will always get misconstrued by folks looking for a fight. It was a great ad. Told the story, sold the thing. Added an exclamation point. Great job, producer. That was the kind of effort that wins awards, not garners apologies. Sheesh the world is full of weak sauce these days. 
    edited May 15 killroyBart Y
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    mikethemartianmikethemartian Posts: 1,361member
    The Apple Crush ad is still up on Apple’s official youtube channel. I think it was only TV they weren’t going to play it.
    killroywilliamlondonBart Y
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    I love the Apple ad!  ;)
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    When a company produces a one-off ad to mock another company, that is just desperation and a waste of money.  It does nothing positive for your brand, so what is the point?
    killroywilliamlondonBart Y
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    LettuceLettuce Posts: 3member
    Indeed these Samsung ads against Apple are almost always (always?) pathetic. They are first degree answers that add no creativity of their own. Samsung creating an ad for something most people won’t even know is sad. Most people will ask what this ad is about. 
    killroywilliamlondonBart Y
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,278member
    I love the Apple ad!  ;)
    What Apple ad? :)
    Kidding of course. 
    edited May 16
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    mpantonempantone Posts: 2,065member
    I'm not sure Samsung marketing realizes that many people see these Apple parody ads as juvenile, like something concocted by middle schoolers.

    And yes, they do increase awareness of Apple products.

    Anyhow, it's fun to see these Samsung ads. Not sure if they always provoke the intended reaction though.
    killroywilliamlondonBart Y
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    Parody ads are fun like parody movies, but it ends there.  how often do you hear a parody movie was better than the original? In fact parodies don’t exist if there wasn’t a better product
    killroywilliamlondonBart Y
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    Capitalizing on a non-issue for which 99.9% of people are unaware of won’t allow you to crush your competitor.
    killroywilliamlondonBart Y
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    treefishtreefish Posts: 6member
    I love my iPad, I’m reading and writing about this article on one over breakfast. The ad is beautifully made, with clever little bits in the content. But I despaired to see those wonderful items destroyed. Items that were crafted to provide an interface between humans and their world, to express creativity and move people. TV might be a bit more controversial, but the content producers for TV also express their creativity - even if TV was once thought to drain the intelligence of watchers. 

    a small mis-step in not understanding the creative audience of Apple, but as someone said, at least it’s being talked about. And maybe that’s the point. And maybe THAT’S the real point - be creative, go dust off that instrument in the closet, get your easel out, play some piano cords, mould that putty into a bust. Hopefully.
    williamlondonBart Y
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    entropysentropys Posts: 4,192member
    The Apple ad was marketing genius as the faux outrage meant people kept talking for longer about the power and thinness of the new iPad Pro.
    Then the apology kicked off another round of talking about the power and thinness of the new iPad Pro.

    now, unbelievably, Samsung has kicked off another round of talking about the power and thinness of the new iPad Pro. And worse, in comparison with the much weaker Samsung galaxy tablet. 
    edited May 16 muthuk_vanalingamBart Y
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    JinTechJinTech Posts: 1,032member
    Capitalizing on a non-issue for which 99.9% of people are unaware of won’t allow you to crush your competitor.
    I see what you did there. 
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