If you want an iPad Pro Magic Keyboard that matches the Siri Remote, it'll cost you

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Podcaster and Apple TV enthusiast Sigmund Judge has spent $600 and "a stressful afternoon" replacing the keycaps on his new 11-inch iPad Pro's white Magic Keyboard.

An 11-inch iPad Pro in the new white aluminum case with black keycaps replaced from a black aluminum case, and an attached Apple Pencil
The new white aluminum Magic Keyboard, modded with black keys.

In a post on Mastodon, Judge showed evidence of his latest DIY project. After buying two aluminum Magic Keyboards, he swapped white keycaps on the white aluminum Magic Keyboard for the ones from the black version.

Judge writes and podcasts about Apple TV and Apple TV+ extensively, and so his goal was to make the white aluminum Magic Keyboard match the design aesthetic of the Apple TV remote. To ensure compatible keycaps, he bought a second aluminum Magic Keyboard in black to get the black keys.

Two iPads with Magic Keyboard cases; one in black, the other in white.
The new aluminum Magic Keyboards for the new M4 iPad Pro.

He described the project as "probably the most stressful mod I've ever attempted," and admitted that he still has some adjustments to make on some keys. He added it was "worth the 5 hour ordeal" overall.

While he can't recommend buying two Magic Keyboards, the white keys on the white aluminum Magic Keyboard bothered him. "I can't really justify the cost, other than this was a fun project," Judge said.

He also posted a photo of the project in progress. Pulling keycaps from one keyboard to another is not generally difficult with the help of some tools, but parts can break if not done carefully.

Close up of white aluminum Magic Keyboard with some white keys and some black keys
Keycap swap in progress. Note the black "5" key waiting to be replaced.

Judge opted to use keycaps from another aluminum Magic Keyboard because the previous versions don't have the function row keys the new version has. The other keys, however, should be compatible with the previous Magic Keyboard models.

Commenters on his posting seemed universally approving of the Apple TV Remote-style look of the modified Magic Keyboard. The accessory, compatible with the new iPad Pro and iPad Air, costs $299.

As for what he will do with his "spare" black aluminum Magic Keyboard, now sporting white keys, Judge hinted at "some charitable plans" for that one later in 2024.

You can learn more about the new aluminum Magic Keyboards, and check out the best alternatives to the Magic Keyboard for the new and previous iPad models.

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    I know it’s kind of crazy and unnecessary, but I respect this mod lol. I swapped my old white 2006 MacBook’s keys with black ones way back when I had it. Though, I was able to just buy a the keyboard only, I didn’t have to buy a whole black MacBook. It looked great. 
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    I did a few mixup iBooks back in the day.

    Tangerine/Lime/Blueberry/Graphite is kinda cool looking.  I lost the pics, unfortunately.

    I did a black/white one too.

    Didn't spend anything but time doing it, they were obsolete by the time I did it.  I still have the black/white ones around here somewhere, I gave away the Tangerine/Lime/Blueberry/Graphite, it was actually a build of parts to make one working iBook out of several dead ones.
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    peterhartpeterhart Posts: 161member
    Wow. I really want this, lol. Nicely done. It just looks right. I need to see the white keys in person but I don’t want the dark casing. 
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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 3,210member
    What keyboard is that with a huge return key shown in the bottom photo?
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,371member
    cpsro said:
    What keyboard is that with a huge return key shown in the bottom photo?
    Probably a UK keyboard.
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