iPhone SE 4 rumored to be first Face ID iPhone under $500

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A new leak claims that Apple may increase the price of the forthcoming iPhone SE 4, but that it is working to keep it at no higher than $499.

Previous iPhone SE models
Previous iPhone SE models

When the on, off, and on again iPhone SE 4 finally comes to market -- possibly in early 2025 -- there's no doubt that it will be a lower-cost model than the rest of the range. But a new leak claims that while Apple is working to constrain the price, there could be an increase over the current model.

iPhone SE 4 Price Rumors:

- The US launch price will either remain at $429 or see an increase of around 10%.

- Even if the price increases, the maximum target is to stay within $499. https://t.co/fROQe2eabr

-- J. Reve (@Revegnus1)

A 10% increase would see the iPhone SE 4 rise from its current $429 to approximately $472. That would mean that the iPhone SE would be $327 less than the base iPhone 15, instead of $370 less.

The claim comes from the leaker @Revegnus1 on Twitter/X, also known as J. Reve ("I dream"). This is the leaker who made the similarly sketchy claim that the Apple Vision Pro 2 could be half the price of the original model.

There is a possibility that @Revegnus1 is a new name for the previous @Revegnus, which had at least a longer reputation for leaks. But there's no proof of that, nor even any claim where the pricing information is said to have originated.

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    40domi40domi Posts: 135member
    If it delivers what it promises, than that is not a high price to pay.
    It's the first time, I've felt any semblance of excitement for an iPhone SE 
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    It'll be a shame to lose the fingerprint sensor which is so much more versatile than face scan
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