Apple Vision Pro's next 'adventure' experience is Parkour in Paris

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Users of the Apple Vision Pro will be able to see the sights of Paris from a unique viewpoint, with a new "Adventure" immersive experience featuring rooftop parkour.

An image from Apple's upcoming 'Parkour' experience for Apple Vision Pro
An image from Apple's upcoming 'Parkour' experience for Apple Vision Pro

Apple has been producing content for its Apple Vision Pro, giving owners of the mixed-reality headset a selection of immersive experiences to enjoy. After releasing the first episode of "Adventure" involving tightrope walking across a canyon, Apple's next episode will offer more of the same.

Appearing in the Apple TV app in visionOS, the second episode is titled "Parkour." The description states users can "Join the world's leading parkour athletes on a gravity-defying trek across the streets and rooftops of Paris."

The episode will be available to watch from May 24. Rated PG, it will last a total of 12 minutes.

Unlike the first episode, Apple doesn't state who the athletes are, but the preview image shows that it involves members of the YouTube parkour team Storror. The pictured trio includes Toby Segar, who became known as one of the best contestants ever to take part in Ninja Warrior UK.

Storror is famous for its YouTube channel, which has over 10.2 million subscribers. The team has also worked in films, including stunt work for the Michael Bay action film 6 Underground for Netflix.

The timing of the release occurs barely two weeks before Apple holds WWDC. The developer conference is expected to reveal features and changes coming to Apple's operating systems, with it also being a venue for updates to Apple's future headset plans.

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    macguimacgui Posts: 2,383member
    This could be a pretty exciting immersive video. Love me some parkour! Maybe we'll see the trailer outside of the AVP, but it can't possibly be immersive, or as immersive.
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