This Lego Apple Store model needs votes for a slim chance of getting made

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A Lego Apple Store has surfaced on Reddit as its creator hopes to get enough votes to make it into an official Lego set -- but it probably won't happen.

A colorful Lego store model featuring transparent walls, mini-figures inside and outside, an apple logo, and detailed interior elements including computers and trees.
Image credit: Reddit u/legotruman

Redditor legotruman has created a fan-made Lego Apple Store in hopes of it one day becoming a real LEGO set and is now asking folks to go vote for it on the Lego Ideas platform.

"The model is not based on any single Apple store location. We looked through a number of popular and famous Apple stores, tried to find to consistent design style, and made this model that can fit inside a Lego city (along with other Lego modular/ city sets)," the creator's comment on the post reads.

Colorful LEGO store with mini figures, shelves displaying various LEGO sets, and trees outside. Two floors with curved glass walls and staircase.
Image credit: Reddit u/legotruman

The set itself is impressive and boasts a number of Apple-related Easter eggs, including the iMac G3, iPod, AirPods, and even the Apple Vision Pro.

If the project gains 10,000 supporters within six months, it will be eligible for review by The Lego Group to become an official set. Of course, that would assume that Apple would sign on to such an idea, which is probably unlikely.

Still, it's a neat project to look through, and we highly suggest you check out this fan's dedication to both Apple and Lego by perusing the Lego Ideas page for it.

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    Wonderfull work! Congrats!

    My two cents… worthless as usual.

    1— It would be great if someone builds Lego version of the most iconic and remodeled old buildings' stores!

    2— Of course, making this a Lego product will also give some money to the designer. I vote for it.
    But… as many proposals do not achieve that level… it would be nice is the designers present the instructions to build them… buying bricks in bulk… or using the ones owned.
    For the ‘special’ elements… iMacs, iPads, etc.… the drawings to do them with 3D printers.
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    wdowellwdowell Posts: 232member
    Has anybody actually asked Apple if they’re ok about it ? The IP lawyers will never let this pass unless Apple agrees .. 
    edited May 27
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    macguimacgui Posts: 2,383member
    wdowell said:
    Has anybody actually asked Apple if they’re ok about it ? The IP lawyers will never let this pass unless Apple agrees .. 
    I highly doubt they will. Aside from all the Star Wars stuff are there any other brands iconified in Legos? Not being a LegoGui, I have no clue.
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