Job listing suggests Apple is moving forward with plans for Apple TV on Android

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After years of rumors, Apple TV+ could finally launch on Android platforms, but a job listing is the only evidence of progress.

A Google Pixel 8 Pro with the Apple TV app
Apple TV could be coming to Android smartphones

The Apple TV app is necessary to watch Apple TV+ and purchased iTunes content, but it has never been released on Google Play for Android smartphones. Despite being a competitor to Google's platform, Apple has brought services like Apple Music to Android, and Apple TV is already on smart TVs, so smartphones aren't a big leap.

A job listing first discovered by Bloomberg is looking for a "senior android engineer" to "help build an application used by millions to watch and discover tv and sports." The job listing went live on May 25.

The job description explicitly calls out working with the Apple TV App team, which manages the app across Apple's platforms, Windows, and Android. The reference to Android in this case could be alluding to apps built for Android TV, but rumors have indicated Apple's interest in an Apple TV app for Android smartphones since at least 2022.

As Apple TV+ gains more titles and popularity, it seems obvious that Apple would want the service to be available in more places than just iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV. The service is available on some cable boxes, Roku, Samsung TVs, Android TVs, and game consoles. However, those groups pale in comparison to the dominant Android smartphone platform.

Applicants need a bachelor's degree in CS/CE/EE or a related technical field and experience in development using Java or Kotlin. The pay range is between $131,500 and $243,300.

One of Apple's weaknesses when trying to appeal to Android users is the lack of a useful bundle. The basic tier of Apple One includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud storage. Only Apple Music is available on Android devices.

It would be a much more attractive option if Apple could launch an Android-focused Apple Music and Apple TV+ bundle alongside an Apple TV app. For whatever reason, the company seems reluctant to compromise with users who are unwilling to pay for an iPhone for the full experience.

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    kdupuis77kdupuis77 Posts: 114member
    While AppleTV+ has not yet been released to Android phones at large, this statement is technically false as there is one Android platform I use routinely that definitely has an AppleTV+ app: the Nvidia Shield. It has been great, I can watch AppleTV+ shows and all of my digital copies of my movie collection using the Shield (well, in addition to the TBs of content I have on external HDDs and streamed across our home network. I'm sure Apple is realizing that locking their content to their own devices is not a major factor in influencing most consumers to switch from Android to iOS anyhow. It's great the AppleTV+ app has made it on several other platforms, like smart TVs and streaming sticks. I have my iCloud account signed in on a $20 Roku stick at my mother's house so she can view the same content.
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