Logitech updates Designed for Mac range with new keyboard and mice

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Logitech has expanded its Designed for Mac' collection of peripherals, adding more keyboards and mice to the Apple-inspired range.

Logitech's new Mac-specific peripherals collection
Logitech's new Mac-specific peripherals collection

Alongside its expansive catalog of accessories for various computing devices, Logitech also has a Mac-specific range. The Designed for Mac collection has been around for a while, consisting of accessories that give off a Mac-like appearance while retaining Logitech's features.

On Thursday, Logitech added a new lineup of Logi for Mac items to its collection.

The lineup includes the MX Keys S for Mac, a version of its existing MX Keys with Apple-inspired styling. Billed as the ultimate productivity keyboard, it offers a Mac layout, smarter illumination, and Smart Actions that can be configured within the Options+ companion app.

Alongside the MX Keys, Logitech also introduced the MX Keys Combo for Mac. It includes the MX Keys S for Mac keyboard, the MX Master 3S for Mac mouse, and the MX Palm Rest as a package.

The MX Keys S for Mac is priced at $109.99 alone, with the combo available for $199.99.

The MX Anywhere 3S for Mac is a compact mouse made for portable use. It also offers fast scrolling, quiet clicks, and has an 8K resolution for tracking on any surface.

Logitech is selling the MX Anywhere 3S for Mac at $79.99.

The MX Keys Mini for Mac is a minimalist keyboard for Mac, which is now designed in a Space Gray colorway. It too has fast and precise typing, smart illumination, and software customization features.

The MX Keys Mini for Mac is priced at $99.99.

Lastly, the Ergo Series Wave Keys for Mac is Logitech's first ergonomic keyboard with a cushioned palm rest, designed in off-white for the Mac. Developed by the Logi Ergo Lab, it is intended to offer day-long comfort for typists, and it is priced at $59.99.

All of the new Designed for Mac range additions, as well as the original releases, will be available from Logitech directly, as well as third-party retailers.

"Logitech is committed to delivering innovative, user-centric solutions that seamlessly integrate with the Apple ecosystem and are designed with sustainability in mind," said Delphine Donne, vice president and general manager of Personal Workspace Solutions at Logitech. "With a focus on optimizing workflow, productivity, and comfort, our Designed for Mac portfolio empowers Apple users to unleash their creative potential and enjoy day-long comfort at the desk without sacrificing Mac compatibility and look."

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    Very nice designs.  I like the indented buttons.

    Their Master series mice have been a staple for years now on all my and my colleagues’ Macs.
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    KITAKITA Posts: 409member
    I really enjoy my MX Master 3S and MX Keys Mini - great tactile feel and they're both relatively quiet when in use.

    That being said, unlike the keyboard, the MX Master 3S having the "Easy-Switch" button on the bottom of the mouse isn't always the best for your workflow when quickly switching between multiple devices (in cases where you either don't want to, or can't, use Logitech's Flow software). There might be ways to re-map this, but that doesn't appear to be the case, at least not out of the box.
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    On an only marginally related topic, I’m still looking for a solution as seamless as Logitech’s discontinued Harmony remote. Nothing else has adequately replaced it, even the apps directly from my individual components. 
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    thedbathedba Posts: 769member
    I'm sure they're really good keyboards but one thing missing on them is the touch id key. 
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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,476member
    My favorite Logitech device is the MX Ergo wireless trackball. Unfortunately it's still carrying the torch for microUSB charging, which is a big hairy wart on an otherwise stellar product. On a good note, the MX Master 3S mouse is simply in a league of its own and has USB-C charging.

    The MX Keys Mini, also with USB-C charging, is an excellent alternative to the Apple wireless keyboard. You do give up TouchID but get gain support for three device connections. I've been using the MX Keys Mini and MX Master 3S with my M2 MacBook Air and two Windows PCs that all share a single 32" 4K monitor. The MacBook Air is always within reach so I use its Touch ID. Switching between the two HDMI inputs and one DP input is done using BetterDisplay software on the MacBook Air. It works very well and I never have to reach behind the monitor to access its on-screen controls. As @KITA mentioned, having to flip the MX Master 3S over to switch between devices is not ideal. This Mac + two PC setup gives me somewhat of the equivalent to what I am able to do on my old 27" Intel iMac using VMWare Fusion. Not ideal, but workable.
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    I purchased the MX Keys with numeric Pad and the MX Master 3S. Unfortunately they neglect to inform that the keyboard uses an outdated USB Unifying Controller whereas the mouse and most newer keyboards include a USB Logi-Bolt Controller.  They don't specify if the keyboards have finally been updated to Logi-Bolt Controller. This wastes USB-A ports on Windows and Mac devices plus purchase of additions dongles. The keyboard and mouse are great, but this issue and the confusion of it made me consider returning keyboard for this reason. The MX Keys keyboard for Mac is the best touch, depression for seating fingertips of all their keyboards. Hope they have updated it to Logi-Bolt compatibility and release that information in their releases.
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    d_2d_2 Posts: 120member
    why Apple can’t release a backlit keyboard with TouchID is just crazy
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    nubusnubus Posts: 443member
    It seems Apple Store is being rebuilt for Mice & Keyboards.
    I got an empty page on the US store: https://www.apple.com/shop/mac/accessories/mice-keyboards 

    Update - it is back

    edited May 31
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    Michae1Michae1 Posts: 23member
    I love Logitech hardware, but lately I find its software to be a bit… Intrusive. I’m keenly aware that my keyboard and mouse phone home a lot and, when you turn this off or block it, you lose functionality.  
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