Which Apple Watch models will be supported on watchOS 11

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Apple is set to announce watchOS 11 at WWDC 2024, and is expected to drop support for older models. Here's what won't make the cut.

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Which of the Apple Watch models will support watchOS 11?

WWDC 2024 kicks off on Monday, with Apple gearing up to announce its next line of operating systems for its devices. This year, Apple's flagship wearable, the Apple Watch, will see watchOS 11.

However, as it often does, Apple is expected to drop support for older models when it rolls out the major release in the fall.

On Monday, a leaker known to AppleInsider for accurate predictions posted to X that the company will drop support for the Apple Watch Series 4, the Apple Watch Series 5, and the first-generation Apple Watch SE.

Which Apple Watch models are compatible with watchOS 11


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    i really thought the 5 and SE would get one more…
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    40domi40domi Posts: 138member
    Not a big surprise, they're 6 & 5 years old respectively
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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 2,834member
    Our 6s are at the ragged bottom edge so it would be iffy anyway. Not a big deal, they are showing their age, and are due for replacement.
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    Fortunately, my watch 7 still does all that I need it to do.  We shall see if the new one does anything I need this fall.
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