tvOS 18 & homePod OS thankfully processes dialog better & borrows Amazon's Xray feature

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Users of the Apple TV will be able to install tvOS 18 this fall, with the set-top box gaining features for improved viewing and listening across the board.

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tvOS 18's InSight feature

The Apple TV doesn't tend to get many updates, in part due to its fairly limited utility compared to other Apple hardware. However, each year at WWDC, Apple outlines new things that will come to the set-top box in the future.

The next update will be tvOS 18, with the version matching the numbers used for iOS 18 and iPadOS 18.

The big feature this time is InSight, a feature that displays information about what's onscreen during a show or movie. This seemingly borrows heavily from Amazon's Xray feature.

The audio experience is improving with support for more TV speakers and receivers. Enhanced Dialog uses machine learning for more clarity.

Subtitles will now appear at appropriate times, such as lowering the volume or skipping back.

Apple TV's theatre-like experience is further improved with support for 21:9 projectors.

Between movies, there are new options to select what screensavers to display. New screensavers are also on the way, including Snoopy and Foundation-based versions.

AppleInsider urges you not to install beta software on any device you depend on for work. Even the Apple TV.

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    harrykatsarosharrykatsaros Posts: 83unconfirmed, member
    Still no universal UI for all shows. These new features are useless outside of Apple TV+ originals when the other apps aren’t even required to use the Apple media player. They have their own players with their own UI and their own functionality (or lack there of) and it’s an all around messy and half baked experience. Might as well just call it Apple TV+ OS. 
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