Apple's Journal app is getting new features in iOS 18, but it's still not on iPad

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Apple has announced a handful of new features coming to its Journal app this fall, but for reasons only it knows, the company hasn't announced any plans to bring it to iPad.

Smartphone screen showing journaling statistics including current streak
Journal in iOS 18

Apple's Journal app made its debut on the iPhone in December, with a promise to help users document significant moments in their lives. Now, as part of the iOS 18 feature preview, Apple has unveiled a sneak peek of the exciting new features we can look forward to in Journal this fall.

A new minimalist mood tracker enables users to easily record their state of mind to keep track of their mood over time. The time spent journaling can also be added as mindful minutes in the Health app.

Three smartphone screens displaying journaling apps with text entries, mood trackers, streaks, statistics, photos, and places visited.
New mood tracker, insights, and Search features

A new insights view shows users their writing streaks, a calendar view with existing entries, and fun stats that help encourage users to write more often. It will also allow users to easily find previous entries, sort entries, and search for specific content.

Also new are the Home Screen and Lock Screen widgets, which can show users their current streaks or encourage them to write with prompt suggestions.

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    mSakmSak Posts: 23member
    Ah, it's a shame they aren't including Journal on the iPad. Journal is a feature that I turned out to like, but tapping away on the phone for anything more than a few sentences is not a good experience at all. It's not only slow, but frustratingly erroneous (lots of spelling mistakes) even when using swipe.
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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 2,832member
    I have come to use Journal a lot. Almost every day, but it is odd that there’s no sign of it coming to the iPad. I use it a lot, but I end up dictating quite a bit of what I write. Then there’s a lot of editing and cleanup, that wouldn’t be neccisary if I could just run it on my iPad. Here’s hoping Apple fixes this oversignt. 
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    PChinPChin Posts: 4member
    With Continuity iPhone Mirroring, We could use Journal on mac, which would be awesome. But missing iPad is a shame. 
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    WCWWCW Posts: 5member
    I basically refuse to use it until I can type on my iPad. Very irritating that someone at Apple doesn’t realize that the iPhone is a second-rate devise for this app, while the iPad would be ideal. UGH. 
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    blitz1blitz1 Posts: 442member
    iPad is more and more an afterthought to Apple.
    it is made for watching Netflix in bed
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    FlytrapFlytrap Posts: 61member
    I’d have like to have Journal on iPad and Mac because those are my main platforms for when I am going to sit down and jot down my thoughts for the day.

    But, I am optimistic… it only took 14-odd years for Apple to port the Calculator app from iPhone to iPad… so I am expecting Journal app to be ported in more-or-less that same time frame
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