Apple Intelligence brings live recording and transcription to the Phone app in iOS 18

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Apple is bringing live transcription to the iPhone this fall, letting you easily keep a searchable text log of your phone calls, complete with summary sections.

Three smartphone screens showing a call with Francesco, a transcript of the conversation, and a summary detailing moving plans discussed.
Recording and transcription coming to iPhone 15 Pro and later

2024 kicked off on Monday, with Apple showcasing a slew of features it plans to bring to its devices later this fall. Among those features was a hefty section about Apple's new foray into artificial intelligence, which it calls Apple Intelligence.

Apple says that Apple Intelligence is personal intelligence designed to be helpful and relevant to the user. This includes new writing tools, image generation and editing, Siri improvements, and the ability to record and transcribe phone calls while they happen.

Available on the iPhone 15 Pro and newer models, call recording and transcription records and actively transcribes the content of the call. When starting a recording, all parties involved in the call are notified to prevent unwanted surprises.

When the call is finished, Apple Intelligence provides a summary of the call to help you recall the key points at a glance. A similar feature will also be coming to the Notes app.

According to Apple, transcription will be available in English (U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore), Spanish (U.S., Mexico, Spain), French (France), German (Germany), Japanese (Japan), Mandarin Chinese (China mainland, Taiwan), Cantonese (China mainland, Hong Kong), and Portuguese (Brazil).

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